The Conditional And The Constitutional

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Everything in this world is mercurial,even “MY PRECIOUS”,”GOLLUM’S PRECIOUS”,”EVERYONE’S PRECIOUS”.

Everything is generally associated with two types of activities,the conditional and the constitutional.Conditional means an activity that is subjected to requirements being met.Constitutional means an activity relating to someone’s nature.

For example,water is liquid by nature.Hence,liquidity is its constitutional activity.However due to excess cold it becomes ice and freezes others.if heated,it changes to vapour and makes other warm or burns.Both of these are conditional activity.

when a living entity is conditioned,he has two kinds of activities:one is conditional and other is constitutional.As for protecting the body or abiding by the rules of society or state, and many other activities in connection to conditioned life,these are called conditional.Besides these,we understand body as the person and also use terms as ‘my body’,’my mind’,’my intelligence’.Nobody says ‘I am body’, ‘I am mind’…..This means that the speaker ‘I’ is somebody different from body.Across the globe,if the body has conscious principle,it is considered as a person.when the same body loses consciousness,nobody addresses that dead body as a person.Without realising the fact,we accept the constitutional position of all living being.This means we all accept that a living being is called ‘living’ when he possesses that conscious principle known as ‘Atman’.Accepting a Atman is accepting the living being as constitutional position of that living being.In other words,until the atomic soul,energy of the eternally existing,blissful,knowledgeable Supreme Lord,remains in the body,it is identified as a person.By the existence of that principle, ‘I’ remains and by the absence of that principle,’I’ do not remain, that is my nature.


whenever we embrace our conditional state,we move away from our constitutional state,that is reality.


The illusion of security

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I was just sitting in a corner and pondering that most of my classmates are joining GATE tuitions for preparation, even I should join because I can’t prepare on my own.

Just because it’s common, that doesn’t mean it’s not risky. Many people fall into the misconception that if everyone is doing the same thing, it must be the safest path. If you were born several decades ago, you would have thought smoking was safe because everyone was doing it.

The Only Security is Within You

Personal development, far from being a risky choice, is probably one of the safest. You can always lose your job, but only rarely can you lose your skills. Businesses can die, but the lessons learned from failed ventures make future businesses stronger. Your health can falter, but your skill in changing your habits can stay strong.

If any investment of your time doesn’t build internal assets, it isn’t worth doing. Even the most lucrative job isn’t worth the paycheck if you aren’t becoming more skilled or knowledgeable as a result. One of the reasons I believe running a business is safer than working at a job is that I’ve learned far more from entrepreneurship than I have from any job or class. Even if my external assets fail, I’ve still built internal assets that can’t be taken away.

Security is nothing but only illusion

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men experience it as a whole. Avoiding danger, in the long-run, is no safer than outright exposure.” – Helen Keller

Security doesn’t come from following the masses. With an economic collapse, terrorist attacks, obesity epidemics, and third-world flood-relief efforts in an industrialized country, I don’t think anyone can argue that the world is inherently safe. But in that fear you have two choices: to blindly follow the masses over the edge of a cliff, or to think for yourself.

Personal development and unconventional choices often lead to the most success. But despite their appearance, they often hold the least risk. Businesses can fail and diets can be flawed, but every day people lose their jobs and eat hamburgers. There is no such thing as complete safety, and if there was, it certainly wouldn’t be existing in the millions of mediocre choices made by the majority today.

Every human on this planet has some knack in a particular field but we all want to sidestep it. We all  indulge ourselves  in this type of insecurity because someone has landed a Goldman Sachs job  and we might not. But we all should contemplate over it, because security is only an illusion.

We All Make Mistakes

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We all make mistakes, have struggled and even learn by our mistakes to grow as a prudent leader. When we commit a mistake, everybody villify us, we face humiliation, vehement condemnation and left as a despicable image for perpetuating that mistake. Mistakes may be a portrayed as a part of profanity, but when we learn from our mistakes then we blossom as a glittering ray which throws it’s effect to everyone who has disdained us for our mistake.If someone learns from his own mistake then he proves himself as a homo sapiens.After all, we are human beings and mistakes are a part of our life.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their lives. Sometimes, even a good person can make bad choices but it doesn’t mean that they are bad rather it proves they are human beings.

In this world of intricacy, no one is impeccable, everyone commits mistakes. Perpetrating mistakes is not a problem but reiterating the same would always put you down. Repetition of mistakes would print a smirch on your image which would be perpetual and no one would scourge it.

Sometimes making mistakes is far better than faking perfections. 

Most of the time you will feel like albatross around your neck until you could not rectify your mistakes. But once you overcome it, you would be hailed by everyone.

And if you could remember there was a savvy better known for his strong humour (E=MC^2 wala), a super human defining the difference between stupidity and genius, as genius is confined to certain limits but stupidity is boundless. Every mistake defines stupidity but anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.


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