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We had a skype talk with our founding members, objective was to get to know more about their perspective and vision of founding CEV, their expectations, advice on some of most concerned career related topics and much more.

We feel blessed  to get showers of some beatifully explained answers and expert parental advice on career.

Before we begin, introduction to both the sides is required:

On the instructing side we had:

Pratik Chatrath
SVNIT, ECE , ’15 Graduate. Post SVNIT got Masters in Robotics System Development from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. Currently working at Universal Creative, Universal Parks & Resort, Orlando, USA.
Rahul Dhakecha

SVNIT Electrical Engineering, batch of 2015. Masters in Data Science from University of Pennsylvania. Currently working in Analytics team at Horizon Media, a marketing company based in New York. 

Rahil Dalal

SVNIT Civil Engineering, batch of 2015. Masters in Structural Engineering Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and currently at Sai Consultants, Surat a Structural Designing firm.

Harshit Kapadia

SVNIT Mechanical Engineering, batch of 2015. Presently pursuing Master in Simulation Sciences at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Brijesh Modasara

SVNIT Mechanical engineering, batch of 2015. Currently pursuing master’s in Automobile engineering at TH Ingolstadt, Germany.

Abhishek Singh
SVNIT Chemical engineering, batch of 2015. Currently working as a scientist at Vikram sarabhai space center, Trivandrum.
Arvind Kumar

SVNIT Mechanical Engineering, batch of 2015. Currently working as a scientist at ISRO, Bangalore.

Dhaval Vora 
SVNIT ECE, batch of 2015. Worked for a year with FIAT and later did MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi . Worked at Airtel for few months in marketing and currently working as ratings analyst at CRISIL also sell insurance and mutual fund products as a financial advisor.
The side also include Abhinav SharmaPrashant Pandey , Shubham Garg.

The team here in India 😂include:

Chandan Suthar, Abhishek Tiwari, Rushi Bhatt, Apurva Randeria, Drashit Patel, Ajay Kumar, Dileep Reddy, Aman Pandey, Hrishabh Sharma, Ujjwal Kumar, Aman Gondaliya, Viraj Mohile, Sanidhya Somani, Vatsal,Prateek Sharma, Vineet Bhatt, Anshuman Jhala, Kruteen, Akash Gangani, Tarang Desai, Vatsal, Rahul.

So series of questions and answers goes like this

Q. Can you share in brief about your experience at SVNIT? How has been life post-SVNIT in terms of the work you do and your experience in general?

Answer as expected, just as you, college and hostel life is the thing that everyone share common with each other. They focused to increase the circle because the more you meet different people the more you get to know about practical stuffs.

CEV Related

Q. What benefits you enjoy now for had been a member of CEV?

CEV gave first of all the confidence to express themselves by continuosly giving chances through gd, talks, etc.

CEV opened for them a wide panaroma to them by exposing them to all branches.

CEV make you learn how to learn, learninig new things in short time is also very imporatant these days.

MS Related

Q. How should we proceed to build our profiles for getting into good Universities for Masters?

The first part your post graduate studies starts with your choice of specialistion made in udergraduate, exploring various topics matters a lot for second yearites and in third year you need to start with projects to prve the university your dedication and that yuo are enough motivated. A expireince through project is impactfull.

If you want your post graduate life a enjoying phase then undergraduate needs to be done in sincere way.

Trends have began to pass mid and end semester exams by just mugging up ppt forwarded in class whatsapp group and that too one night before, books have their own importance, and being an engineer it is a waste to know only “WHAT”, you need to know answers of “WHY”, “HOW”, “WHAT’S NEXT” etc. and that can be only learnt after refering books.

No importance of cultural activites in building profiles.

Pointers matters, so dont take them too easy, it will keep your motivaation high and always give you confidence.

Q. Can you mention some of the best work ethics you have ever come across during either your jobs or higher studies?

They all match in this answer the workspace is filled with respect, compassion and positivity. There is only importance of work being done not how much time you put.


Comp. Sci. Related

Q. What will be your advice to someone who is interested in Data Science however is pursuing Civil Engineering at SVNIT?

Data science is a challenging and demanding field and well paid too. You have to be a mixture of some critical abilities. You learn a lot through projects. Taking parts in online competitons will help you lot. Kaggle is perfect website for you. Othe website include topcoder and hakerearth.


Q. What are things that you regret you could have done is SVNIT, or any suggetion you wnat to give?

There is no doubt that SVNIT is rich in resources but greatest resource of SVNIT is students itself, people there are really genius in their field, so socialisation is the key to unlock the most importance resource there.

You should learn MATLAB, network with professors, you can also learn programming, its a must for SVNIT ECE people.

Most of  final year students waste their time.

You can do online course, they are very lucid and efficien. In second year focus on improving your skills on own, in third year shrap that same through internships, by actually contributing that will give you upperhand over others.

Instead of many technical limitation the whole group made this event also a milestone, cheers!



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On 17 OCT, 2018 CEV conducted its yearly quiz event, version 4.0, the quiz was intented to present the participants with exclusive question and give a chance for winners to daze others.


The quiz masters were Ankit Gupta, Prateek Sharma, Ishan Alabhya and Vineet Bhat and really did their best to make the moto of the event a reality.

So, here are the questions and the answers of both rounds of quiz-

QURIOSITY 4.0 ROUND 2 connect




What do you think about “DOOR” ????

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This friday we planned to have among ourselves a discussion on a topic, selected on the spot and that to abstract one. Everytime we usually analysed on some most critical and trending topics in technology and usually turns up to hostels with a concerned mind, but this time each of us experienced in ourselves integration of all small positivity and creativity in memebers before GD.

The topic selected by majority was “DOOR”!

Here is the stream of beautifull thoughts of CEVians on it-

1.) OPPUTUNITIES: Door simply represents a stage just behind any opportunity, you just have to get up and open it, and you have grabed it.

What do you think about "DOOR" ????

2.) EFFORTS: Door has some inertia, either you want to open or close it you have to apply force. Same with life either you want start new or you want to get out from something that you are struglling long, you have to put efforts.

3.) DISCIPLINE: Door is useless without locking system, so that who enters the room completly depends on you, similarly, with discipline in life you have to decide which thoughts or habits you let flow into your mind.

What do you think about "DOOR" ????

4.) EXPLORATION: Either you open the door of your room or close it you are always having a possibility of exploration with you, only the subjects change. When you open it you are having numerous options to explore the world- the people, the places, the nature, etc. and when you close it you create a opportunity to discover youself, for example Issac Newton did a great part of his work when he was alone, suffering with nervous breakdown.

5.)PSYCHOLOGY: Any door in this world creates two systems one inside and one outside, what you see depends in which part you are. Say there are two world, an imaginary one in which every stuff is according to you and there is a real world.

6.) TRANSPARENT: If doors were like opportunities and if they  were transparent then we would without getting into it we could have get an overview of it and could take better decisions.

7.) COURAGEOUS: A stopper of door when dropped can resist very high velocity wind from one side but still easily moved in other way round, this inspires us to stand tenancious against bad situations in life though retaining an affectionate and cheerful character simultaneously.

8.) FORTITUDE: A door closer makes the door shut down everytime, whether opened vigorously or gently, in this way we can develop in us a diligence to react to harsh situations, and turn back to same life leading morals.

What do you think about "DOOR" ????

9.) SAFETY: Door is the thing that stands for safety and privacy, hence they have a great significance.

9.) Any door was not a door before it was a door, may be made up of wood, plastic or steel, it has its own story how it reached there, and also has a life a lead ahead.

10.) And finally a point to take care that overdose of creativity has not been delivered-

Doors are a great invention by civil engineers they are of many types-

i.) framed and panelled doors

ii.) glazed doors

iii.) flush doors

iv.) louvered doors

v.) revolving doors

vi.) collapsible steel doors

vii.) rolling shutter doors

hats off to civil engineers……….🤣🤣🤣

Be creative and cheerfull.

Thanks for reading.



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Hello to all the dear readers, this time we are presenting to you all a revised edition of CEV handout that can guide you when you are having your exams, when you want to do something new either related to your engineering branch or any abstract topic and also when you are getting bored. This handout believe us will surely help you out in many deliema henceforth. Loaded with a numerous sources of knowledge and entertainment this handout has huge potential to save your precious time from searching the best for you out of thousands of options available.

This handout contains websites and portals that you need to start today, internship sources, educational websites, applications, cool websites, movies, books, branchwise societies, courses, open source softwares, stores, fests, youtube channels and finally a note to start your engineering life. ENJOY!

Menlo Park’s Wizard Vs The Serbian American Inventor

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I, Rahul feel delighted to present to my dear readers an overview of a war which will bring to them the history of the modern power system in a nutshell.

Before we begin the analysis of battle between the Menlo park wizard and the Serbian American inventor, let me first introduce them.

Thomas Alva Edison known as wizard of Menlo park due to great deeds in field of electric power system, mass communication, sound recording, motion pictures, etc. His series of inventions include electric bulbs, phonographs and prominent work on batteries and rubbers. He is considered as greatest American inventor. Having his first laboratory in Menlo park, New Jersey, he is holder of a total of 1093 US patents in his name, as well as patents in other countries also. He was a man defined by persistence, patience and perseverance.

Menlo Park's Wizard Vs The Serbian American Inventor

Nikola Tesla the Serbian American inventor was a talented and enthusiast electrical and mechanical engineer. Best known for his alternating current motor, Tesla although have total patents of around 300 worldwide, many of his
patents were later discovered laid hidden in patent archives and some even not put into patent protection. He had a wide field of work that included wireless power, bladeless turbine, polyphase system, X-ray experiments, radio
remote control, the tesla coil, etc. Tesla was a man defined by his dreams and a genius inside to carry them out.

Menlo Park's Wizard Vs The Serbian American Inventor

The war of currents, soon you will get to know why currents, is the only war I think has bought something good to humans. Only with advent of technology it has been possible that we humans have developed such a large civilization in form of big cities that we know today. Imagine what would be the world without the biggest gift of technology, the electricity. No lights at night, no cooling system, no water in big buildings, without these three we don’t need to talk about anything else, but be happy humans are so smart that he would not let it happen.
So, let us again concentrate on how the battle between Menlo park wizard and Serbian American inventor had led to the world that we know now.
It was the year 1884 when a young enthusiast electrical engineer Nikola tesla hailed from Serbia to America to work in company of his idol Thomas Edison. Charles Batchelor had sent Nikola tesla with a letter of recommendation stating the great potential of this young genius to revolutionize the world with his ideas and
inventions. Nikola tesla in his first appearance to Edison committed to easily fix the dc generator in a ship installed by the Edison company and successfully did that. In no time, Nikola was able to win the position of distinguished engineer in the company. The company basically provided street lightening system including power required to operate them.

Now here comes technological part of this technical blog.
The electric power is carried by current which are either direct current, the dc or alternating current, the ac. In dc the electrons travel in a mean particular direction where as in ac the electron oscillates at a particular frequency at a position. The Edison company was dc power pioneer and was suffering from a serious technical problem, the dc which they utilized dissipated large amount of heat in transmission wires. So large number of power station and also in densely populated cities were required, close to the user. The solution to this problem was simple, increase the voltage and hence reduce the current and hence the heat loss. But at that time efficient voltage transformation was not there, we will talk about today’s scenario in the end. Nikola as expected came up with a futuristic solution to this problem, the alternating current system. And he just not came up with an idea he came up with whole layout of ac system, the transformer, the ac motors, ac generators, light, etc. Now these ac with help of a very lucid and efficient device transformer can be stepped up or down, hence reducing transmission loss and opening possibility of just one central power plant transmitting power to several thousand miles.

Now let us move back to war. Mr Edison ego and desire to be popular as Menlo park wizard led him to reject
the idea of his junior fellow, and asked him to just focus on improving dc generators, and promised him a handsome money for work after being done. Although tesla was dejected but he worked day and night on dc generators and came up with signifcant 10 improvements, but when time of reward came Edison said that Serbians don’t understand American humor.
Tesla immediately resigned and in coming few days had to work as trench diggers for Edison’s company. But diamonds and talented person don’t remain hidden for a long time. Tesla was able to impress some of investors and opened a lab in US, soon he completely developed his ac generators and motors. As expected, ac’s low loss during transmission gained it significant popularity in no time in market. Edison instead of trying to improve his dc system, focused to kill market for his new competitor.
He publicly displayed the fatal nature of ac by electrocuting dogs, cats and even bigger animals like elephants. His crummy experiments were not only limited to animals but he also electrocuted a prisoner, William Kemmler to death, which was very painful death for prisoner and shameful incident to human society. Nikola tesla had deep regret for all the barbaric experiments and havoc Edison caused by using his invention, but asked the mass to see the hopeful prospect of ac system.

Menlo Park's Wizard Vs The Serbian American Inventor

Edison’s public stunts could not stop tesla’s investors to get the great Niagara hydroelectric power plant contract, first of its kind. Westinghouse company agreed to license his patents for the sum of $60,000, plus 150 shares of stock and a $2.50 royalty per horsepower generated by his AC motor , the $60,000 lump sum was worth roughly $1.4 million in today’s dollar (10,10,59,000.00 INR), but in coming time company faced a bankruptcy due to the extravagant propagandas against Edison, thus again Nikola Tesla was left with nothing. To let the company provide customers the ac power he refused to accept the patent sum and from there the uncrowned genius of millennium followed a life facing a mental disorder called ODC till his death in New York hotel in 1943. It was the simplicity of ac machines that had led to victory in the battle and the great inventor outshined his hero and the world has got a beautiful gift, the modern power system.

But I want you to consider another point of view and want you to get a moral from this war. It may sound strange but it’s a proven fact that for long transmission dc system can outshine ac transmission. This technology is called HVDC (High voltage direct current). Menlo Park's Wizard Vs The Serbian American Inventor

If we use ac we have to consider two losses that are still occurring after reducing copper loss, the skin effect and electromagnetic waves emission.

Skin effect: It’s tendency of alternating current to become distributed within a conductor such that current density is maximum at the surface of conductor and decreases with depth in conductor. The skin efect causes the efective resistance of conductor to increase at higher frequency thus reducing the efective cross-section.

EM waves: The transmission cables itself act as large antennas emitting electromagnetic waves in radio frequency, hence contribute to losses. Both of these signifcant losses are not present in dc transmission, and by use
of modern semiconductor physics dc voltage levels can also be transformed efficiently.

So, both the systems had their own merits and flaws, either of the currents could have won the war. But Edison instead of having faith and working on his own idea tried to pull Nikola Tesla down. Drawbacks remained with dc system and ac system soon find its way all over the world. Had Edison worked on dc we could have had more efficient power system and he had been the greatest of greatest inventors on the earth.

Moral: Focus on yourself and your ability and respect others talent and work too.

Thanks a lot for your precoius time and patience to read the blog.

Rahul kumar(2nd year, EED, SVNIT)

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Evolution of modern communication system

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By- Rahul

This blog is intended to create a panorama in front of reader how humans developed a phenomenal system on earth, the modern communication system which had a great contribution in leading him to win the title of smartest organism on the earth.

So, let’s start with a point of time when humans lived in a group of 10-12 persons, that time there was no language and no means of communication with each other. In no time humans understand the importance of sharing individual useful information like hunt availability, water fetching, aware about impending danger and share experience with the new generation to help them sustain better. Soon evolution brought him a gift of vocal cords which he can use to produce something that can be detected by another gift. The “something” was a wide range of sound and the “another gift” was ears. Soon the humans developed scripts and the languages which can be taught to everyone and can be easily used to convey important information, and hence human became capable of speaking. As a result of this powerful lifesaving technique, the human’s population grew rapidly. As the civilizations expanded the humans spread over all over the earth.

Evolution of modern communication system

Now there rose another big problem, that was there was no effective communication between two civilizations, horsemen, doves all these were the conventional way of sending useful information. Now whatever information we have with us if has to delivered to others then we have to convert this info into physical existence first, for example sound, letters, etc. than only can be transmitted and perceived by others. The problem of using sound was that pressure differences can travel only to certain distance. So, we need something that can be transmitted over long distance without loss in energy. Then came a revolutionary idea which laid the second milestone in communication history first being the language, so the idea was to convert the pressure difference into newly invented voltage and current signals that can be transmitted much far and in economical way through wires. Telephones and fax industry grow like anything for tens of decades.

Evolution of modern communication system

But we did not stop here and the third milestone was laid when we got the science of electromagnetism. The Faraday’s law “that changing magnetic field produce electric field and vice versa”. And another discovery that accelerated particles emit the magical electromagnetic waves that can travel at ultimate speed of light, “c”, this simple discovery has revolutionized human’s life.


So just now you witnessed how from hunters in jungles we become advanced in the communication technology. The point of discussion is the third milestone. So, the electromagnetic waves in simplest words is a pattern of variation of magnetic and electric fields just as pressure difference in case of sound, basically they are waves and also show behavior of particle, this is one of greatest truth of nature that humans have come to know, the dual nature of electromagnetic waves.

We have discussed earlier that accelerated charged particle emit these waves, and this is only way in which these waves are produced. To accelerate the charged particles the electron or the proton we can heat a material having plenty of free electrons (conductors) or supply it with alternating current. The first method is called thermionic emission in which velocity of electron is increased and hence more collisions and more acceleration, and the second is simply putting the free electrons in alternating electric field. The visible light, the ultraviolet light, the infrared, the radio waves all are now integrated into just one category the electromagnetic waves. These waves have many properties that we can utilize for using it as carrier in our modern communication like they attenuate very little in atmosphere thus can travel very large distance and another fascinating fact is its travel speed that is the ultimate speed of 299 792 458 m / s, also they don’t need any medium to travel. All these features gave a very powerful tool in hands of humans. Now, messages can be transferred at an amazing speed by just constructing large transmitter tower but with one drawback that is only up to point where line of site cuts earth tangentially. This again created dissatisfaction in human and again we pushed higher.

Evolution of modern communication system

We must be proud of being humans, they again forged something that is even more thrilling and this time the artificial satellite communication system. This is as we all know is highly advanced system of communication and currently we are exploiting this technology. The telecom industry, weather forecasting, navigation, space observation all these are results of this advanced technology.

Evolution of modern communication system

So, beginning from nothing to a highly advanced system humans have proved himself to be one of best creative and most intelligent creature by god, he will continue to try to increase the living standard and the legacy will continue.

Thanks for valuable time and patience to read.

By Rahul (2nd year, EED)

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Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

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This debate on whether artificial intelligence is good or bad would be among most brainstorming debate in CEV history. At one time we were with the idea that artificial intelligence is an ultimate tool for human to make an earth full of good things and in next moment we felt that it is the last human invention. Debate was held on Friday evening, 31 August.

Points followed for increased exploration in this field were-

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????




  1. Artificial intelligence is tool for humanity that can prove to be his most ingenious technological advancement and have potential to help us in sustaining our civilisation much longer.
  2. With the aid of their superhuman capability of enormous computation we can employ them to find solutions to compelling questions like how to cure  AIDS/HIV, how to reduce global warming, alternative for fossil fuels, substitute for plastics,how to reduce ozone layer depletion, etc.
  3. We can exploit this technology in those field where there is great risk of human life like space exploration missions, utility and power linemen, firefighters, miners, search and rescue and so on.
  4.  Now since they are non living things we can use them in crummy works which in many cases lead to social indifferences in our society like slaughterhouse workers, sanitation workers, personal transport drivers, embalmer, garbage collector, sewage cleaner, etc.
  5. Artificial intelligence can play its greatest role in pharmaceutical industry like new methods to treat cancer which are less painful, epidemic control, new medicines with fast cure capability and very less side effects which otherwise will require tedious human labor and time.
  6. Technological change may eliminate specific jobs, but it has always created more in the process, we had witnessed it in past.

Points that indicated that artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to human being ever-

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

  1. These machines are now so advanced that they too have feelings, and in case they feel offended by humans they might declare war against us.
  2. These machines are not subject to ageing so a particular machine can increase its capabilities to tremendous extent.
  3. Another big problem is that it will erase all the job opportunity for the middle class people like car drivers, etc.
  4. Facebook artificial robots were made to shut down forcefully as they were found talking to each other in strange language that was not understood by humans. So, this give us glimpses of what they could be capable of in future. A chunk of  communication they had with them-Bob: i can i i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to

    Bob: you i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Conclusion: Currently in the world Artificial intelligence is still debated topic, there is no doubt that they have a great potential to serve human civilization and make life very convenient, like speech recognition, face recognition all these are features of it. Numerous tech-giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook,  Pandora, Tesla are currently utilizing it for more user friendly services. But on the same time there have being events and prediction that uncontrolled and injudicious use will some day create danger for us, hence it should be taken care that artificial intelligence should be employed only in those field where their use are indispensable and that too under vigilant supervision.

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

Minutes by-

Rahul, electrical engg.(2nd year), SVNIT.

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Try to imagine a new color……………………….ya it is impossible.

COLOR is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green or purple.

Color is all around us. It is a sensation that adds excitement and emotion to our lives.

But what actually a color is??

If it is a human perception then do everyone see different color??

Do everything has a constant color??

There are two things responsible for color:

          1. LIGHT


Color is basically due to reflection and absorption phenomenon. That is absorption and reflection of light. What we see white light is a combination of seven colors.



So all colors are light or all lights are color??

Colors are only the light lying in the visible spectrum or light ranging from wavelength approximately 380 nm to 710 nm.


Color of a object depends upon what color of light it absorbs and what color of light it reflects, transmits or scatters.

When a light arrives at a opaque surface it is either reflected, scattered or  absorbed. Surfaces that reflects light of different wavelengths with different efficiencies look like mirrors tinted with colors determined by those differences. Surfaces that scatters light determine their color by wavelength light scattered. Surfaces that absorbs all the light coming to it appears to be black. Object that transmits lights are either translucent or transparent depending upon level of scattering.

Objects may emit light that are generated from excited electrons. Electrons get exited due to some chemical reactions, temperature elevation, or by absorption of frequencies which results in emission of light and is colored if their wavelength lies in visible region.


For the question If it is a human perception then do everyone see different color??

The answer is yes. That is the reason why some people have color blindness of different colors. It is combined action of the eye and brain that we percept a color.

The colors that we see are due to three types of specialized cells in our eye,these are known as CONES.


Light receptors within the eye transmit messages to the brain, which produces the familiar sensations of color. Cones are concentrated in the middle of the retina, with fewer on the periphery. There are more than 6 million cones in one eye that transmits the higher levels of light intensity that create the sensation of color and visual sharpness. The three types of cone-shaped cells, each sensitive to the long, medium or short wavelengths of light. These cells, working in combination with connecting nerve cells, give the brain enough information to interpret and name colors.

About 8% of men and 1% of women have some form of color impairment. Most people with color deficiencies aren’t aware that the colors they perceive as identical appear different to other people. Most still perceive color, but certain colors are transmitted to the brain differently.

The most common impairment is red and green dichromatism which causes red and green to appear indistinguishable. Other impairments affect other color pairs. People with total color blindness are very rare.

10% of males   who’d be unable to read the three twelves and twenty-nines in the circles, below.




Do everything has a constant color??

Well answer to this question is still uncertain and is mechanism are still largely unknown.  Color constancy is our ability to perceive constant surface colors despite changes in illumination.

In this example, the same flower is depicted four times, each rendered under a different light source. As can be seen, the color of the flower is strongly dependent on the color of the light source. Computational Color Constancy can follow different paths to maintain stable color appearance `

across light sources. One common path, which is now believed not to mimic the human visual system, but is very common among computational models, approaches the problem using two phases. First, based on several assumptions, the color of the light source is estimated from an input image i.e. the image already in your brain.

Then using this estimated illuminant, the input image is corrected so that it appears to be taken under a canonical (e.g. white) light source.



According to physics, color are those which lie in the visible spectrum i.e. whose wavelength ranges from 380 nm to 710 nm, accordingly white and black should not be colors. Black is absorption of all lights and white is reflection of all lights. But if we include in the definition of color, however, all of the ways in which human eyes process light and the lack of it, then black and white are colors. But this is still a debatable topic for scientists.

Then from where a cryon box contains white and black colors?

That are actually false colors, formed from some kind of pigment.

World could not be imagined without color. Color give colors to lives. Black may be a color or not but everyone loves it.


Is India ready for electric vehicles or not

Reading Time: 4 minutes

” Most of developed giants are switching to electric vehicles, is that possible for India right now or not, CEV ex-cogitated on this agenda on Friday, 25 August.”

Is India ready for electric vehicles or not MINUTES:

The purpose was to discuss the advent of electric vehicle (EVs), and its impact in future.

The following points supported the introduction of EVs in Indian markets:

  • Electric vehicles are paving their way to roads at an impressive pace in many developed countries like USA, China, etc.
  • Considering the emission from gasoline and electricity produced for EVs (no exhaust) gasoline vehicles cause far more havoc to earth’s air, thus EVs have a potential to construct a transportation system that can mitigate the climate changes by lowering the GHGs emissions.
  • If we talk in terms of efficiency EVs stand far ahead of gasolines with average around 90%, whereas internal combustion engines are as efficient as 40%, from consumer point of view.
  • EVs introduction in India can help cut down petroleum products imports and hence will make India more self reliant.
  • Moreover in coming years petrol and diesel prices are going to boost up hence switching to EVs would be economical for individual also.
  • EVs with them also bring a promising source of income to huge section and a great possibilities of startups in India.
  • Recycling batteries is considered a curse for this industry but it could be a whole new industry in itself.
  • Launching the EVs in public transport an help gain consumer acceptance thus can boost private vehicles market, also implementation in public transport is easy with minimum resources like charging points at fixed stops only.
  • Government as well as private companies are also taking interest in EVs, like TATA, Ashok Leyland, Aether Energy (indigenous two-wheeler manufacturing startup), Mahindra and Mahindra Motors all are putting efforts to make EVs less costlier and convenient for Indian consumers.

The following points were there which indicated that though a potential tool to fight global warming yet for India it is not possible to implement now:

  • As the number of EVs increase, the electricity supply demand will boost rapidly and it would be difficult to set up new power stations at that rate.
  • Infrastructure is another one of most biggest obstacle. New manufacturing factories, service centers, new charging stations, etc all this will cost a huge. Moreover, casual mechanics will also needed to be trained to be able to repair the new electric automobiles.
  • The battery on which EVs operate are not easily recyclable and its disposal is also threatening for environment.
  • India’s lithium reserve are surely not sufficient to cater the increasing demand hence for batteries we will have to depend on other countries.
  • Technical limitation like more charging time, low operating time, low range, low speed, less safety, etc are set backs for EVs.
  • Awareness in India among common public is also big challenge, on the other hand social stigma and skepticism are also existing like people in Delhi don’t prefer e-rickshaw because it appears cheap and uncomfortable to travel in them. So work is also needed to be done on asthetics.
  • Many startups in past few years failed as the cost of EVs are much more than gasoline vehicles.
  • Most of the problems related to EVs need a technical approach to be solved but in India research is not that much acknowledged and encouraged.


India right now can not choose to switch to electric vehicles, but surely it is on a right track to achieve a sustainable transportation system. But to reach there we whole as a country have to put efforts, government need to come with scheme like FAME INDIA, new policies that encourage public to go for electric car even if they cost little higher. Along with this marketing is another prospect to focus upon, promotion of these cars by celebrities to break the social stigma. Hybrid cars can also act as transient stage between gasoline to electric cars. Participation by Indian students in technical events like FORMULA STUDENT must be appreciated so that the answers to technical problems can be produced from Indian engineering colleges. Along with these the oil companies should be supported by government to provide their petrol pumps with electric vehicles charging services also. Gasoline vehicles manufacturing companies should be motivated to convert ICs cars to electric ones.

Then only we can move in era where in India problems like poor air quality, energy insecurities, dependence on other nations no longer exists.

Minutes by:

Rahul, Electrical engineering (2nd year), SVNIT.



Nuclear Power In India

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By- Rahul Kumar

About this article:This blog intends to aware the mass about the potential of nuclear energy to power India.

So, it becomes necessary to start with some facts and figures.

India with 132.32 crore citizens had energy consumption of 753.7 Mtoe.

For reference, 1Mtoe = 10^6 Toe = 11.63 Megawatt-hour.

Out of total consumption percentage of energy from various fuels are coal (59.8%), crude oil (29.34%), natural gas (6.18%), hydroelectricity (4.07%), renewable sources (2.89%) and just 1.15% from nuclear fuel.

India currently is surplus in generating electricity and also marginally exports electricity to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Up to this everything is fine for India.


Now consider the year 2017 data, India imported nearly 198.8 million tons of crude oil, 25.7 Mtoe of LNG and 129.8 Mtoe of coal hence totaling to 354.3 Mtoe of energy which is equal to 47% of total energy consumption. India’s 75% of electricity is generated by thermal power plants which uses various fossil fuels like coal, diesel and gas. A large percentage of fossils fuel is imported and this large dependency of India on fossils fuels puts it in on unsafe side. India’s overall energy self-sufficiency is 66% which is not that much impressing.

The problem worsens when we consider the fact that the countries with biggest share in exporting fossils fuel to India are facing critical problem of terrorism and it seems that it would increase in coming future and it may lead to decreased exports to us.                    Nuclear Power In India

Another severe problem is that fossils fuels are non-renewable sources, they are going to exhaust completely one day.

And yet another case to be noted is the global warming. It is known to all how global warming can make earth inhabitable.


India can choose to switch to renewable sources like solar, wind, otec, biomass, etc. to reduce its dependency on the fossil fuels. But all these technologies are yet not that much efficient to meet the 753.7 Mtoe demand.

India can increase its electricity production to meet the transportation industry energy demands to reduce its dependence on crude oil but again to increase electricity production we have to dig our coal mines deeper.

Finally, India has another option to increase its nuclear power capacity. Currently 14% of world’s electricity is provided by nuclear power plants. USA the largest producer, relies on nuclear power for about 20% whereas countries like France have as high percentages as 75.2.

Nuclear power plant obtains its energy from splitting of uranium atom a process called fission, this chemical reaction generates heat to produce steam, which is used by turbine generators to generate electricity. They produce far more clean energy than fossil fuels and the used up nuclear fuel can be recycled reused and also can be safely disposed.

Nuclear Power In India


The very first reason is that people don’t support government’s any policy for it, most people in India staunchly believe that nuclear power is threatening mode of energy production and subject to impending blast always. There have been numerous protests against major nuclear power plant in India. This is the irrational Indian mindset I want hammer upon by this blog.

Nuclear Power In India


But in nuclear power as in other industries, the design, operation of nuclear power plants aims to minimize the likelihood of accidents.

Nuclear power kills far fewer people than any other energy sources according to a review by international energy agency (IAE).

In a report of 2002 by IAE claimed that considering the life cycle of fuel from extraction to post use and included deaths from accidents as well as long term exposure to radiation or emission, nuclear energy came out to be the best and coal was deadliest among energy sources.

There have been three major accidents in history of nuclear power-

# Three-mile island- in 1979 at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in USA, a cooling malfunction caused part of the core to melt in reactor. Some radioactive gas was released a couple of days after the accident, but not enough to cause any dose above background levels to local residents.

# Chernobyl accident- The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel. The resulting steam explosion and fires released at least 5% of the radioactive reactor core into the atmosphere. Around 4000 people died due to accident in 20 years from accidents.

# Fukushima nuclear accident- Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011. All three cores largely melted, till now around 2200 people have lost their lives.

Nuclear Power In India

These were 3 major accidents to have occurred in over 17000 reactors over 33 countries, and most were caused due worker’s improper management. The evidences over six decades shows that nuclear power is a safe mode of energy generation, the risk of accidents is very low or declining.

From coal and petroleum products we have steady death rates years after years as these are in form of heart attacks, lungs dysfunction, etc. hence they become invisible to us, whereas a large-scale nuclear meltdown with negligible probability is the event we are scared about.

If we can consider 1995 Chernobyl accidents with 4000 deaths then why we forget about the 230000 deaths from severe flooding due to failure of 30 dams in china in year 1975.


By switching to nuclear power India can reduce greatly on relying on oil countries by increasing the electricity production to meet the needs of supply of power for electric cars in India. Hence decreasing the pollution and become a more better place to live.

Nuclear Power In India

Thanks for giving your precious time to read this blog.


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