Evolution of modern communication system

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By- Rahul

This blog is intended to create a panorama in front of reader how humans developed a phenomenal system on earth, the modern communication system which had a great contribution in leading him to win the title of smartest organism on the earth.

So, let’s start with a point of time when humans lived in a group of 10-12 persons, that time there was no language and no means of communication with each other. In no time humans understand the importance of sharing individual useful information like hunt availability, water fetching, aware about impending danger and share experience with the new generation to help them sustain better. Soon evolution brought him a gift of vocal cords which he can use to produce something that can be detected by another gift. The “something” was a wide range of sound and the “another gift” was ears. Soon the humans developed scripts and the languages which can be taught to everyone and can be easily used to convey important information, and hence human became capable of speaking. As a result of this powerful lifesaving technique, the human’s population grew rapidly. As the civilizations expanded the humans spread over all over the earth.

Evolution of modern communication system

Now there rose another big problem, that was there was no effective communication between two civilizations, horsemen, doves all these were the conventional way of sending useful information. Now whatever information we have with us if has to delivered to others then we have to convert this info into physical existence first, for example sound, letters, etc. than only can be transmitted and perceived by others. The problem of using sound was that pressure differences can travel only to certain distance. So, we need something that can be transmitted over long distance without loss in energy. Then came a revolutionary idea which laid the second milestone in communication history first being the language, so the idea was to convert the pressure difference into newly invented voltage and current signals that can be transmitted much far and in economical way through wires. Telephones and fax industry grow like anything for tens of decades.

Evolution of modern communication system

But we did not stop here and the third milestone was laid when we got the science of electromagnetism. The Faraday’s law “that changing magnetic field produce electric field and vice versa”. And another discovery that accelerated particles emit the magical electromagnetic waves that can travel at ultimate speed of light, “c”, this simple discovery has revolutionized human’s life.


So just now you witnessed how from hunters in jungles we become advanced in the communication technology. The point of discussion is the third milestone. So, the electromagnetic waves in simplest words is a pattern of variation of magnetic and electric fields just as pressure difference in case of sound, basically they are waves and also show behavior of particle, this is one of greatest truth of nature that humans have come to know, the dual nature of electromagnetic waves.

We have discussed earlier that accelerated charged particle emit these waves, and this is only way in which these waves are produced. To accelerate the charged particles the electron or the proton we can heat a material having plenty of free electrons (conductors) or supply it with alternating current. The first method is called thermionic emission in which velocity of electron is increased and hence more collisions and more acceleration, and the second is simply putting the free electrons in alternating electric field. The visible light, the ultraviolet light, the infrared, the radio waves all are now integrated into just one category the electromagnetic waves. These waves have many properties that we can utilize for using it as carrier in our modern communication like they attenuate very little in atmosphere thus can travel very large distance and another fascinating fact is its travel speed that is the ultimate speed of 299 792 458 m / s, also they don’t need any medium to travel. All these features gave a very powerful tool in hands of humans. Now, messages can be transferred at an amazing speed by just constructing large transmitter tower but with one drawback that is only up to point where line of site cuts earth tangentially. This again created dissatisfaction in human and again we pushed higher.

Evolution of modern communication system

We must be proud of being humans, they again forged something that is even more thrilling and this time the artificial satellite communication system. This is as we all know is highly advanced system of communication and currently we are exploiting this technology. The telecom industry, weather forecasting, navigation, space observation all these are results of this advanced technology.

Evolution of modern communication system

So, beginning from nothing to a highly advanced system humans have proved himself to be one of best creative and most intelligent creature by god, he will continue to try to increase the living standard and the legacy will continue.

Thanks for valuable time and patience to read.

By Rahul (2nd year, EED)

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Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

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This debate on whether artificial intelligence is good or bad would be among most brainstorming debate in CEV history. At one time we were with the idea that artificial intelligence is an ultimate tool for human to make an earth full of good things and in next moment we felt that it is the last human invention. Debate was held on Friday evening, 31 August.

Points followed for increased exploration in this field were-

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????




  1. Artificial intelligence is tool for humanity that can prove to be his most ingenious technological advancement and have potential to help us in sustaining our civilisation much longer.
  2. With the aid of their superhuman capability of enormous computation we can employ them to find solutions to compelling questions like how to cure  AIDS/HIV, how to reduce global warming, alternative for fossil fuels, substitute for plastics,how to reduce ozone layer depletion, etc.
  3. We can exploit this technology in those field where there is great risk of human life like space exploration missions, utility and power linemen, firefighters, miners, search and rescue and so on.
  4.  Now since they are non living things we can use them in crummy works which in many cases lead to social indifferences in our society like slaughterhouse workers, sanitation workers, personal transport drivers, embalmer, garbage collector, sewage cleaner, etc.
  5. Artificial intelligence can play its greatest role in pharmaceutical industry like new methods to treat cancer which are less painful, epidemic control, new medicines with fast cure capability and very less side effects which otherwise will require tedious human labor and time.
  6. Technological change may eliminate specific jobs, but it has always created more in the process, we had witnessed it in past.

Points that indicated that artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to human being ever-

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

  1. These machines are now so advanced that they too have feelings, and in case they feel offended by humans they might declare war against us.
  2. These machines are not subject to ageing so a particular machine can increase its capabilities to tremendous extent.
  3. Another big problem is that it will erase all the job opportunity for the middle class people like car drivers, etc.
  4. Facebook artificial robots were made to shut down forcefully as they were found talking to each other in strange language that was not understood by humans. So, this give us glimpses of what they could be capable of in future. A chunk of  communication they had with them-Bob: i can i i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to

    Bob: you i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Conclusion: Currently in the world Artificial intelligence is still debated topic, there is no doubt that they have a great potential to serve human civilization and make life very convenient, like speech recognition, face recognition all these are features of it. Numerous tech-giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook,  Pandora, Tesla are currently utilizing it for more user friendly services. But on the same time there have being events and prediction that uncontrolled and injudicious use will some day create danger for us, hence it should be taken care that artificial intelligence should be employed only in those field where their use are indispensable and that too under vigilant supervision.

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

Minutes by-

Rahul, electrical engg.(2nd year), SVNIT.

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