21st Century: The Century of Human Brain !

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If 20th century was the century of war, then question arises : what’s gonna happen next ? Firstly, why we mark past century only by war, although they brought only miseries to the world? But if we deeply introspect the journey of technological advancement in world, (the technology which makes our life easier today) all came through furious bloody wars of 20th century. It was the time of World War I and World War II when the world saw technological advancement like never before. Each country wanted to utilize their resources up to the zenith. It was the environment of agony and competition which made some bright minds to invent something out of the box every time to stay ahead…
As we have entered in 21st century to some tiny extend, it’s time to think how we are going to shape this century. This past decade has pushed us to the world of internet, open source knowledge, liberation and globalization. Now we can easily judge, by undertaking the ongoing research works, what is going to happen next!!
We are witnessing a trend in which all hardware’s size are on decrease. Computers which were made short ago to occupy a whole room, now finds our pockets big enough. Punching cards were replaced by buttons and now buttons are all set to be replaced by the Sixth Sense technology (yeah that’s what is the best of Pranav Mistry). But wait, that’s just a start of 21st century. Research shows us that we are going to replace all these sort of thing by just developing or realizing the power of human brain.
We are near the times when we will be able to control all our daily stuffs by just thinking in our brain.Electronics and Computing will collaborate with Neural Science to bring technological advancement which we even can’t think about. We will be able to store out memories out our body, we will be able to control remote machine or robots by just a couple of thoughts. These times will witness competition between countries about the extent of human brain study and research.
Today, we are not having any substantial and structured theory of human brain. But through extensive research going over it’s study by using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and taking case study of many medical cases, we can hope of such theory coming soon. Looking to the potential of field many parts of world has started research in this area. In University of Pittsburgh, scientist had succeeded in a experiment over a monkey, in which monkey controls a robotic arm by brain signals assisted by BCI. There are various cases in which scientist are able to bring back the lost sense or body parts by using BCI through which the patients were able to control a electronic sense or organ just as a normal human do it by his brain. In commercial world, a game company has already launched a product in which a player can control a game just by thoughts (www.emotiv.com). Further, IBM predicts it will be making “mind-controlled” PC’s within next five years. So now we can definitely hope for drastic future development. And projects like Human Brain Project of European Countries (www.humanbrainproject.eu ) will boost the research work to unlock various mysteries of human brain.
Below are some links to show you some glimpse of that. So be ready to witness the century where it is all about to study the huge potential of THE HUMAN BRAIN.

Wikipedia: Brain-computer Interface

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