• We, as a community, aim to foster a healthy environment for discussions that are intellectually stimulating and allow for the personal growth of the person. As such, all members are expected to regularly share and engage with the content being shared by CEV on all social media.
  • Similarly, all members are encouraged and expected to bring their take on a particular topic during Whatsapp discussions to the table without having any kind of reservations.
  • The core management is expected to keep into consideration the requests and ideas of other committee members, working towards the welfare of the community along with the overall professional and personal development of the members.


The objective of having weekly meetups is to provide a platform for everyone to openly discuss the hurdles they are facing in their technical endeavors,projects (learning or otherwise). Hence, all are encouraged to make a maximum of this opportunity and engage whole-heartedly.
During live group discussions, everyone is encouraged and expected to share their views and opinions on the ongoing topic.
More often than not, members become such engrossed in sharing their views that they altogether neglect an important aspect of a healthy group discussion: listening. All members are required to listen enthusiastically and carefully what other members have to say.
Apart from academics and stuff related to college, CEV always encourages its members to have a free talk with any of its seniors after the formal discussion time ends.


CEV is a by all and for all community and any kind of discrimination based on gender, state/province, age, race, ethnicity, religion or technical choices are not promoted and tolerated within the group.
Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments that encourage domination based on gender, caste, religion, age, disability.
  • Sustained disruption of talks or any other events.
  • Harassing photography or recording.
  • Any kind of abusive practices, quarrels, immoral activities during events.
  • Eve Teasing
  • Ragging of any kind and form
 *** If you are being harassed or see someone else being harassed, contact a member of the core team of the club. All the contact details of the core members are already available on the website.
  • Usage of social media platforms including and not restricted to WhatsApp groups, website, email newsletters or the participants’ record pertaining to the CEV community shall not be utilized for any kind of unauthorized advertising of student chapters other than CEV.
  • During live group discussions and debates, all are refrained from passing any kind of judgment or comment on the speaker/s. If found doing so, the member will be strongly reprimanded.If the said person does not change his behavior, this may lead to the revoking of his membership.
  • Members are expected and required to maintain civic decency and mutual respect during the meetings.
  • The community members are expected to actively participate and be productive in meetings, group discussions and other projects conducted by CEV.
  • Long term inactivity of any member without adequate justification will lead to his/her dismissal and memberships revoked.
  • Regarding any dispute, all members are always welcome to put forward their case but the decision taken by the core committee will be final and abiding.


The blogs being contributed to the CEV website should be a work of self and not replicating someone else’s. CEV does not support plagiarism and necessary citations along with a link to the source must be provided Blogs containing any inflammatory statements will be deleted immediately.

CEV - Handout