Public Relations

The spokesperson of CEV.

PR Cell looks after all communications & publications – internal & external and also serves as an official spokesperson of the chapter. It is a student run body who are the members of Cutting Edge Visionaries, responsible for facilitating the endeavour of a rich Industry Connect Program by means of organising Conclaves, Guest Lectures, Workshops and other such interactive events. The Media and PR Cell  also manage relations with external stakeholders through several media relation activities. It accomplishes this through engagements with the print media and by facilitating chapter’s online presence across various platforms and newsletters. 

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Public Relations Public Relations

Sushma Piraka
(Public Relations)
+91 9687600720

Public Relations Public Relations

Yash Kumar Singh
(Public Relations)
+91 9892773452

Public Relations Public Relations

Aarushi Bhati
+91 9521313788

Public Relations Public Relations

Aashish Chachan
+91 9915320260

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