2018-2019 Talks

CEV weekly Group Discussion/ Debate


Should we be interplanetary or rather focus on making Earth a better place? (G.D)03 Aug  2018
Should Government waiver farmer’s Loan? (Debate)10 Aug  2018
Is India Ready For Electric Vehicles? (G.D)24 Aug  2018
Artificial Intelligence: Boon Or Curse? (G.D)31 Aug  2018
What would be the scenario if 1$ = 1 Rs (G.D)07 Sept 2018
DOOR (Abstract Topic G.D)12 Oct 2018
Marvel v/s DC (Open G.D)23 Oct 2018
What do you choose between Creativity and Hard-work? (G.D)03 Jan 2019
Freelancing v/s Fixed Jobs (G.D)10 Jan 2019
Why our college fest (Sparsh) is a fiasco!(G.D)17 Jan 2019
Is the metro in India a necessity? (G.D)31 Jan 2019
The Interim Union Budget 2019 (G.D)07 Feb 2019
Should PUBG be banned? (G.D)28 March 2019
Black Holes (G.D)13 April 2019


Events exclusive for CEV members


Interaction with the founders of CEV20 Oct  2018
CEV Dinner06 April  2019


CEV Events


CEV Orientation Talk 6.0Rushi Bhatt,

Apurva Randeria,

Ajay Rachuri,

Dileep Reddy

Darshit Patel,

Sudhanshu Sinh &

Deep Jariwala

05 Oct 2018
Quriosity 4.0Ankit Gupta, Prateek Sharma & Ishan Alabhya17 Oct 2018
CEV Talk: Game TheoryAmandeep Tiwari31 Oct 2018
CEV Talk: Electric CarsRishil Lakhe24 Jan 2019
CEV Talk: The new age addictionAksh Patel05 Feb 2019
Bid Wiser (Round 1)Ankit Gupta, Sanidhya Somani, Tarang Desai, Prateek Sharma, Deep Jariwala & Atul13 Feb 2019
CEV Talk: The Cyber SecurityRishipal Yadav15 Feb 2019
Bid Wiser (Round 2)Akash Gangani, Aman Pandey, Deep Jariwala, Viraj Mohile, Ujjwal, Hrishabh & Atul19 Feb 2019
Case Study 1.0 (Tesla Inc. in India)Tarang Desai, Sanidhya Somani, Aman Pandey19 March 2019
CEV Recruitment26 March 2019
CEV Talk: BlockchainAman Pandey, Ujjwal Kumar, Hrishabh Sharma04 April 2019


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