2013-2014 Talks

Let Us EvolveArihant Jain20 Feb 2014
Cryogenics & Its ApplicationsAvind Kumar07 Feb 2014
Data Structure- Segment Tree  Abhinav Sharma31 Jan 2014
The Inside Story of Cellular Communication Dhaval Vora24 Jan 2014
Basics of Solar Cell Technologies & Current InnovationsAbhishek Singh24 Jan 2014
Application Of Optimization in Various Engineering Fields
Rahul Dhakecha & Neel Patel17 Jan 2014
Washing Machine Teardown         Arvind Kumar17 Nov 2013
Machines- Gyroscopes, Governors, Cam-Followers         Sajal Randher10 Nov 2013
Computer Architecture & Communication Protocol
Prashant Pandey03 Nov 2013
Inverter CircuitHow to make 1 phase Inverter using OpamsRahul Dhakecha 27 Oct 2013
Effect Of Optimized Computer AlgorithmHow much difference can optimised algo cause in real time and how to frame such algos Abhinav Sharma   23 Oct 2013
 Robotic Arm Replicating Human Hand Movement
How to create an Data Glove accompanied with VR Robotic Arm  Application
Pratik Chatrath 16 Oct 2013
 Applications & Basics of Bucky Paper
What is bucky paper and its Application
Abhishek Singh 24 Aug 2013
Flow Boiling 
Measurement of Heat Transfer Coefficients & Void Fraction In Annular Tube during Flow Boiling
Arvind Kumar 10 Aug 2013
 Modern Marvel-Touch Screen
Kinds of Touch Screens & how they are interfaced
Shubham Garg3 April 2013 
Satellite Communication:-TDMA, CDMA & FDMA
What is and where are TDMA,CDMA & FDMA technology implemented
Chandresh Singh 23 Feb 2013
 Basics Of Cells & Battries
What is and application of Fuel Cells
Abhishek Singh 9 Feb 2013
 Application Of Electronics in Automobiles 
Anti-Breaking System, Parking Sensors etc
Arvind Kumar 2 Feb 2013
 Intro To BFS/DFS & their Application in Robotics
What is Breadth First Search $ Depth First Search & how to implement in Line Follower Bots
Abhinav Sharma & Shubham Garg 26 Jan 2013
RC Hovercraft
Insight on the currently used Hovercraft’s + how to make a prototype Hovercraft
Harshit Kapadia & Brijesh Modasara 22 Jan 2013
Basics Of Electrical Engineering
Discussing the practically used transformers
Rahul Dhakecha 22 Jan 2013
 History & Latest Trends In Microcontroller & Microprocessor
Going from 4004 to i7 MPUs
Pratik Chatrath 22 Jan 2013


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