Magical Screen- Augmented Reality

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Magical Screen- Augmented Reality

Imagine you’re a New York Yankee stuff walking down the famous Manhattan. You flash your smart phone’s camera towards the road and you come to know which metro substation is beneath and which is the next  metro train you can catch up to meet your loved ones.. Again you come across a hoarding which has Chines stuff written over it.. You again flash your camera over it and boom.. the English letters are revealed out the Chinese text..

It is night time and you’re looking at the bright moon and the pattern of stars makes you curious.. You flash your camera and find the virtual lines connecting the stars and telling you the constellations.

Folks wake up .. I ain’t telling you that your camera has a magic wand..!! It is Augmented Reality..

Yes .. Augmented Reality is nothing but adding a virtual screen on top of everything in order to make it more meaningful. It combines 2 words to deal with, “augmented” means enhanced and “reality”, which simply means enhanced reality. By using hardwares or tools such as your smartphones you can discover such beneficial details in the form of visual images that are not visible normally.

Augmented reality adopts new ways to add information discoveries to the reality in limitless possibilities from fun, games, sports and education to technology in engineering and medicine and more.It adds the graphics, sounds, feedback and smell to the natural world we see, thereby making it more alive. Thereby creating such a grand spectrum, let the field environment variables speak for your lively experience.


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ACROSS AIR APP                                                                  CAR FINDER APP




Thus there are apps to facilitate augmented reality. Across Air App  is a 3D navigator telling you restaurants, hotels,cinema,landmarks etc.near you and Augmented Car Finder App helps to find your car in a big parking place..

Go grab them to make your world more speaking to you!

These are available on your android platform .. And what more, these are for free.. !!

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