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We had a skype talk with our founding members, objective was to get to know more about their perspective and vision of founding CEV, their expectations, advice on some of most concerned career related topics and much more.

We feel blessed  to get showers of some beatifully explained answers and expert parental advice on career.

Before we begin, introduction to both the sides is required:

On the instructing side we had:

Pratik Chatrath
SVNIT, ECE , ’15 Graduate. Post SVNIT got Masters in Robotics System Development from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. Currently working at Universal Creative, Universal Parks & Resort, Orlando, USA.
Rahul Dhakecha

SVNIT Electrical Engineering, batch of 2015. Masters in Data Science from University of Pennsylvania. Currently working in Analytics team at Horizon Media, a marketing company based in New York. 

Rahil Dalal

SVNIT Civil Engineering, batch of 2015. Masters in Structural Engineering Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and currently at Sai Consultants, Surat a Structural Designing firm.

Harshit Kapadia

SVNIT Mechanical Engineering, batch of 2015. Presently pursuing Master in Simulation Sciences at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Brijesh Modasara

SVNIT Mechanical engineering, batch of 2015. Currently pursuing master’s in Automobile engineering at TH Ingolstadt, Germany.

Abhishek Singh
SVNIT Chemical engineering, batch of 2015. Currently working as a scientist at Vikram sarabhai space center, Trivandrum.
Arvind Kumar

SVNIT Mechanical Engineering, batch of 2015. Currently working as a scientist at ISRO, Bangalore.

Dhaval Vora 
SVNIT ECE, batch of 2015. Worked for a year with FIAT and later did MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi . Worked at Airtel for few months in marketing and currently working as ratings analyst at CRISIL also sell insurance and mutual fund products as a financial advisor.
The side also include Abhinav SharmaPrashant Pandey , Shubham Garg.

The team here in India 😂include:

Chandan Suthar, Abhishek Tiwari, Rushi Bhatt, Apurva Randeria, Drashit Patel, Ajay Kumar, Dileep Reddy, Aman Pandey, Hrishabh Sharma, Ujjwal Kumar, Aman Gondaliya, Viraj Mohile, Sanidhya Somani, Vatsal,Prateek Sharma, Vineet Bhatt, Anshuman Jhala, Kruteen, Akash Gangani, Tarang Desai, Vatsal, Rahul.

So series of questions and answers goes like this

Q. Can you share in brief about your experience at SVNIT? How has been life post-SVNIT in terms of the work you do and your experience in general?

Answer as expected, just as you, college and hostel life is the thing that everyone share common with each other. They focused to increase the circle because the more you meet different people the more you get to know about practical stuffs.

CEV Related

Q. What benefits you enjoy now for had been a member of CEV?

CEV gave first of all the confidence to express themselves by continuosly giving chances through gd, talks, etc.

CEV opened for them a wide panaroma to them by exposing them to all branches.

CEV make you learn how to learn, learninig new things in short time is also very imporatant these days.

MS Related

Q. How should we proceed to build our profiles for getting into good Universities for Masters?

The first part your post graduate studies starts with your choice of specialistion made in udergraduate, exploring various topics matters a lot for second yearites and in third year you need to start with projects to prve the university your dedication and that yuo are enough motivated. A expireince through project is impactfull.

If you want your post graduate life a enjoying phase then undergraduate needs to be done in sincere way.

Trends have began to pass mid and end semester exams by just mugging up ppt forwarded in class whatsapp group and that too one night before, books have their own importance, and being an engineer it is a waste to know only “WHAT”, you need to know answers of “WHY”, “HOW”, “WHAT’S NEXT” etc. and that can be only learnt after refering books.

No importance of cultural activites in building profiles.

Pointers matters, so dont take them too easy, it will keep your motivaation high and always give you confidence.

Q. Can you mention some of the best work ethics you have ever come across during either your jobs or higher studies?

They all match in this answer the workspace is filled with respect, compassion and positivity. There is only importance of work being done not how much time you put.


Comp. Sci. Related

Q. What will be your advice to someone who is interested in Data Science however is pursuing Civil Engineering at SVNIT?

Data science is a challenging and demanding field and well paid too. You have to be a mixture of some critical abilities. You learn a lot through projects. Taking parts in online competitons will help you lot. Kaggle is perfect website for you. Othe website include topcoder and hakerearth.


Q. What are things that you regret you could have done is SVNIT, or any suggetion you wnat to give?

There is no doubt that SVNIT is rich in resources but greatest resource of SVNIT is students itself, people there are really genius in their field, so socialisation is the key to unlock the most importance resource there.

You should learn MATLAB, network with professors, you can also learn programming, its a must for SVNIT ECE people.

Most of  final year students waste their time.

You can do online course, they are very lucid and efficien. In second year focus on improving your skills on own, in third year shrap that same through internships, by actually contributing that will give you upperhand over others.

Instead of many technical limitation the whole group made this event also a milestone, cheers!


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