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Minutes of GD on Black Holes

  • Brought to attention because of the recent success in photographing a black hole
  • Facts

1)Every galaxy has a black hole that holds it together due to strong gravitational pull

2)Light can’t escape black hole because its escape velocity is more than ‘c’. This follows from the notion that light has a dual nature and tends to behave like matter upon interaction, therefore, getting sucked in the black hole despite 0 rest mass of the photon


Black hole = whirlpool and light = boat around the whirlpool

3) It’s said that light travels in straight lines but if the space itself is bent then light also bends in the absolute sense and since, the valley of black hole is so deep, light doesn’t come back from it. Also observed experimentally in the General Relativity Theory which is based on the astronomical phenomenon – the solar eclipse- stating, theoretically that the stars beyond the sun shouldn’t be visible but practically it was observed that they were visible because light bent around the sun

4) Chandrashekhar limit = 1.4x (mass of sun)

If mass of a star 3-4 times the mass of sun, it has the           potential to form black hole

5) Minkowski space – When you go near an object, time span wrt that object increases


7) The team which reconstructed the photo was led by Kathy bowmen .

X-ray expulsion from this spread 5000 light years away and this was used to triangulate the exact place. This X-ray image was processed to be a colour photo


  • Formation-

Process of fusion converts mass to energy. In this process when stars collide, the mass decreases, subsequently leading to a reaction which prevents it from expanding, thus, contracting to extremely small size (highly dense -large mass, less volume) via space-time collapse


          Trampoline analogy-

If mass is put on a trampoline, a ‘space-time fabric’, it collapses to form a black hole


  • LIGO experiment
  1. To detect gravitational waves ( formed when mass bursts into pieces, causing energetic explosion like ripples)
  2. MSU alumni, 1 of the contributors
  3. 2 L-shapes pipes were put perpendicular to each other (1 km X 1 km) and a common source of light was used to observe interference

(because of 0 phase difference)

  1. Due to gravitational waves, space-time contracts, causing phase difference and thus not yielding the expected result
  2. 2 LIGOs work in conjugation


  • Applications of black hole related info
  1. It is one of the openings of the concept of a worm hole (the other being white hole and connected via a channel – space thread), which is theoretically perceived to be like a portal to connect to different places

In order to enter the worm hole, theoretically, a negative mass is needed to create repulsion because positive mass will exert gravitational force, breaking the space thread

Negative mass concept is purely theoretical because it implies negative energy, which can only be achieved when the said body keeps radiating more and more energy spontaneously to attain larger negative value

  1. Helps us understand space and time more accurately, facilitating in inter planetary travels
  • If forward space is contracted and backward space is expanded, speed of light is achieved
  • If there’s relative velocity between 2 objects, time is either fast or slow for Object A wrt to Object B
  • You’ll never see objects going inside black hole
  • Theoretically, the person inside the black hole’ d perceive the outside world to be really fast


  • Spaghettification

The gravitational force eqn of black hole is

dF/dx = very large

=> The gravitational pull of the black hole would be much stronger at the part touching the surface of the black hole compared to a part further away

 Therefore, if a person goes near a black hole, he’ll be stretched like a spaghetti before getting his body broken down into pieces


  • There’s a minimum black hole size which makes it conducive for entry
  • To observe the black hole, telescopes, the size of earth were needed but due to non-feasibility of the idea, it was decided that 8 different telescopes’d be put up in different parts of the world, linked with quantum clocks,, the data from all of them collected and from all the infinite possibilities, the most probable ones were singled out and were pieces together to give a complete picture using a complicated algorithm

Multiple images were multiplexed and error patching was done

Image with least noise was ideally the most likely one

5 petabytes of information was processed and transported from all the observatories to a specific location via planes, due to huge bulk of info

  • NASA has been observing a specific star for a couple years to finally get this picture
  • This pic substantiates Einstein’s hypothesis that he formulated sitting on his desk
  • To determine how far the light is coming from amount of red shift is used
  • Some of the musing during the GD
  1. During solar system formation, more than 9 celestial bodies existed (8 planets + Pluto) but most of them collided with each other and got destroyed while the others had sufficient radial velocity from sun and sufficient velocity to rotate around the sun
  2. Philosophy leads to scientific discoveries
  • Fe is the most viable element because it has the largest Binding energy per nucleon value
  • Pre – mordial Black hole formed intially due to non-homogeneity of masses
  • Large Hadron Collider

Huge radial tunnel in Switzerland, France of 12 km radius is used to accelerate positrons at large velocities and then collided with each other, during which for a very brief period, space-time collapses, creating small black holes. This is why several physicists are against it

  • Black hole information paradox

Black hole destroys all the information when the info enters it and this lost info collects on the surface of the black hole like a hologram and since all the light eventually goes there, all the information across the galaxy is archived there (like Cooper’s experience in Interstellar)

  • The Big Bang theory explains post explosion phenomena because it had the potential to develop a black hole but due to large outward force, there was outward expansion of the he infinitesimal energy packed in the highly dense, small, ball of energy.

Since, BBT fails at explaining what happened before, religion tries to fill in the gap

Very specific conditions ensured that the universe gets created which opens up to the possibility of more such places in what is known as the ‘Multiverse theory’


  • To explain why the image looks the way it does, one could imagine that if the black hole was positioned in the x-z plane, then the photo was clicked from the x-y plane

Minutes by

SHIVANSH (1st year )

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering

Reading Time: 6 minutes

So, first of all, I want to share the motivation behind the topic. The Nobel prize of 2017 in Physiology (medicine) was shared by three American scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for the discovery of molecular mechanism behind Circadian Rhythm.

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

For introduction: Circadian Rhythm is phenomena that leads all biological process to display an oscillation of about 24 hours and work in sync with each other for optimum health. These rhythms are tuned by a circadian clock and apply to nearly all the organisms. In simple words, the routine of our anatomy is controlled by a body clock.

Here is the proof that the clock is genetically controlled :

There was an experiment in which a healthy adult was shifted to an underground apartment for 40 days to check whether he could maintain his sleep-wake cycle without the aid of sunlight or any external means.

Here is are the recordings of his sleep-wake cycle –

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

Blue represents wake and yellow represents sleep. As the days go on only sleeping timing moves towards midnight but the time period of sleep almost remain constant, hence it can be easily deduced that time-period of body clock is not altered by external factors, the time period remains close to 24 hrs. It has taken decade-long medical researchers to establish that genes control the circadian clock.

Here is what happens in our body to maintain sleep-wake cycle-

If it is assumed that the circadian clock rightly synchronized to earth day and night then it will make you go to sleep by 11 o’clock, will reach deep sleep by 3 o’clock and to anticipate waking body will begin warming up at around 5 o’clock, as soon as you wake up the hormone called melatonin hurtle down and stress hormone called cortisol will rise, brain will reach its peak performance time by noon, athletic performance get its peak in late afternoon and as evening sets the level of melatonin again begin to increase and by 11 o’clock sufficient melatonin is acquired to get a sound sleep.

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

So humans and other organism developed their body clock in synchronization to day-night cycle i.e. 24 hrs as of our planet earth to anticipate daily life. Evolution of body clocks took place through developing adaptation to external stimuli of warm, bright days and cool, dark nights, through genes. And we all must be feel thankful for inheriting this life-sustaining feature by virtue of our primitives or past generations. In the coming part of the blog, I will prove to you how this gift can be taped to become the healthiest version of ourselves, maximize our productivity and do greater feats.


Now every cell in our body has the 24-hour cycle and here is how it operates.

This video beautifully explains the molecular mechanism of the genes to run the body clock.

Till now we have an overview of how the circadian clock works now let’s talk how do we relate this with our lives after all an engineer is far more interested in practical applications and theory behind.CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

We have seen that the time period of this clock is 24 hours but point to be noted is that every organ in our body has its own cycle and work in sync with cycle of other organs to form a single system like blood supply to liver peaks in midnight during deep sleep, lungs gets its peak blood supply in early morning, large intestine in late morning, and so on, so what we need to take care is that this synchronization among organs of body system remain in harmony as they are very well subjected to external stimuli.


CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

Basically the clock of our brain, the master clock, gets activated by blue light, if natural cycle is followed the blue color rich light of morning sunset melatonin to lowest, as the evening sets the natural light becomes less rich in blue and appears red and orange, for which our master clock has evolved to response by instructing to increase melatonin. Now problem is that most part of day-time we live indoors the light of which is not rich in blue color and brains receives a confusing signal, at night when we use our electronic gadgets blue light content is much more than outside hence again a confusing signal and hence melatonin is not controlled properly. If continued for longer duration give rise to problems like migraine, ASD, ADHD, Depression, etc. This is the reason why comps people get sleep late in night and these days devices, when operated at night mode, shifts its color to orange, eliminating blue. On the other hand, owls have evolved to respond differently.


CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

Normal functioning of the digestive system is as follows- during the day time our body runs on carbohydrates provided by diet and stores fats, at night time no carbohydrates input is there and hence body works on fat. Consider if you give carbohydrates to the body at late night then the body cannot burn the fats, hence chances of becoming obese are increased. The solution to this problem is that eat the same amount of food you generally do but avoid taking input late night, it will surely hammer on circadian rhythm by offsetting stomach from the sync with the system.

Now the last part of the blog, the healing power of circadian rhythm. So you must have noticed that the medicines prescribed to you are also instructed to be taken at a particular time of day. The circadian clock tunes the potency of every drug we take, so taking the drug at the instructed time of day can cure you as well as taking it at the wrong time can have adverse effects also. Schedule of flu shots, surgery of liver or heart, radiation therapy of cancer patients all these things depends on the time of day.

Conclusion: We can analyze that in earlier days human died due to diseases like malaria, dengue, chickenpox, polio, pneumonia, mumps, rabies, Ebola, etc. until proper sanitation, vaccination, and antibiotics came into existence, but now the scenario has changed. Now, most common diseases are chronic kidney diseases, asthma, hypertension, anxiety, diabetes, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, insomnia, bipolar, acid reflux, etc. These diseases are directly or indirectly related with our ignorant attitude towards our lifestyles and to be more precise hampering the Circadian Rhythm has bought this havoc to us.

In the end, thanks for time and patience and whole CEV team wishes you a happy Diwali.

Stay healthy, Enjoy reading!




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We had a skype talk with our founding members, objective was to get to know more about their perspective and vision of founding CEV, their expectations, advice on some of most concerned career related topics and much more.

We feel blessed  to get showers of some beatifully explained answers and expert parental advice on career.

Before we begin, introduction to both the sides is required:

On the instructing side we had:

Pratik Chatrath
SVNIT, ECE , ’15 Graduate. Post SVNIT got Masters in Robotics System Development from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. Currently working at Universal Creative, Universal Parks & Resort, Orlando, USA.
Rahul Dhakecha

SVNIT Electrical Engineering, batch of 2015. Masters in Data Science from University of Pennsylvania. Currently working in Analytics team at Horizon Media, a marketing company based in New York. 

Rahil Dalal

SVNIT Civil Engineering, batch of 2015. Masters in Structural Engineering Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and currently at Sai Consultants, Surat a Structural Designing firm.

Harshit Kapadia

SVNIT Mechanical Engineering, batch of 2015. Presently pursuing Master in Simulation Sciences at RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Brijesh Modasara

SVNIT Mechanical engineering, batch of 2015. Currently pursuing master’s in Automobile engineering at TH Ingolstadt, Germany.

Abhishek Singh
SVNIT Chemical engineering, batch of 2015. Currently working as a scientist at Vikram sarabhai space center, Trivandrum.
Arvind Kumar

SVNIT Mechanical Engineering, batch of 2015. Currently working as a scientist at ISRO, Bangalore.

Dhaval Vora 
SVNIT ECE, batch of 2015. Worked for a year with FIAT and later did MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi . Worked at Airtel for few months in marketing and currently working as ratings analyst at CRISIL also sell insurance and mutual fund products as a financial advisor.
The side also include Abhinav SharmaPrashant Pandey , Shubham Garg.

The team here in India 😂include:

Chandan Suthar, Abhishek Tiwari, Rushi Bhatt, Apurva Randeria, Drashit Patel, Ajay Kumar, Dileep Reddy, Aman Pandey, Hrishabh Sharma, Ujjwal Kumar, Aman Gondaliya, Viraj Mohile, Sanidhya Somani, Vatsal,Prateek Sharma, Vineet Bhatt, Anshuman Jhala, Kruteen, Akash Gangani, Tarang Desai, Vatsal, Rahul.

So series of questions and answers goes like this

Q. Can you share in brief about your experience at SVNIT? How has been life post-SVNIT in terms of the work you do and your experience in general?

Answer as expected, just as you, college and hostel life is the thing that everyone share common with each other. They focused to increase the circle because the more you meet different people the more you get to know about practical stuffs.

CEV Related

Q. What benefits you enjoy now for had been a member of CEV?

CEV gave first of all the confidence to express themselves by continuosly giving chances through gd, talks, etc.

CEV opened for them a wide panaroma to them by exposing them to all branches.

CEV make you learn how to learn, learninig new things in short time is also very imporatant these days.

MS Related

Q. How should we proceed to build our profiles for getting into good Universities for Masters?

The first part your post graduate studies starts with your choice of specialistion made in udergraduate, exploring various topics matters a lot for second yearites and in third year you need to start with projects to prve the university your dedication and that yuo are enough motivated. A expireince through project is impactfull.

If you want your post graduate life a enjoying phase then undergraduate needs to be done in sincere way.

Trends have began to pass mid and end semester exams by just mugging up ppt forwarded in class whatsapp group and that too one night before, books have their own importance, and being an engineer it is a waste to know only “WHAT”, you need to know answers of “WHY”, “HOW”, “WHAT’S NEXT” etc. and that can be only learnt after refering books.

No importance of cultural activites in building profiles.

Pointers matters, so dont take them too easy, it will keep your motivaation high and always give you confidence.

Q. Can you mention some of the best work ethics you have ever come across during either your jobs or higher studies?

They all match in this answer the workspace is filled with respect, compassion and positivity. There is only importance of work being done not how much time you put.


Comp. Sci. Related

Q. What will be your advice to someone who is interested in Data Science however is pursuing Civil Engineering at SVNIT?

Data science is a challenging and demanding field and well paid too. You have to be a mixture of some critical abilities. You learn a lot through projects. Taking parts in online competitons will help you lot. Kaggle is perfect website for you. Othe website include topcoder and hakerearth.


Q. What are things that you regret you could have done is SVNIT, or any suggetion you wnat to give?

There is no doubt that SVNIT is rich in resources but greatest resource of SVNIT is students itself, people there are really genius in their field, so socialisation is the key to unlock the most importance resource there.

You should learn MATLAB, network with professors, you can also learn programming, its a must for SVNIT ECE people.

Most of  final year students waste their time.

You can do online course, they are very lucid and efficien. In second year focus on improving your skills on own, in third year shrap that same through internships, by actually contributing that will give you upperhand over others.

Instead of many technical limitation the whole group made this event also a milestone, cheers!


What do you think about “DOOR” ????

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This friday we planned to have among ourselves a discussion on a topic, selected on the spot and that to abstract one. Everytime we usually analysed on some most critical and trending topics in technology and usually turns up to hostels with a concerned mind, but this time each of us experienced in ourselves integration of all small positivity and creativity in memebers before GD.

The topic selected by majority was “DOOR”!

Here is the stream of beautifull thoughts of CEVians on it-

1.) OPPUTUNITIES: Door simply represents a stage just behind any opportunity, you just have to get up and open it, and you have grabed it.

What do you think about "DOOR" ???? Circadian Rhythm

2.) EFFORTS: Door has some inertia, either you want to open or close it you have to apply force. Same with life either you want start new or you want to get out from something that you are struglling long, you have to put efforts.

3.) DISCIPLINE: Door is useless without locking system, so that who enters the room completly depends on you, similarly, with discipline in life you have to decide which thoughts or habits you let flow into your mind.

What do you think about "DOOR" ???? Circadian Rhythm

4.) EXPLORATION: Either you open the door of your room or close it you are always having a possibility of exploration with you, only the subjects change. When you open it you are having numerous options to explore the world- the people, the places, the nature, etc. and when you close it you create a opportunity to discover youself, for example Issac Newton did a great part of his work when he was alone, suffering with nervous breakdown.

5.)PSYCHOLOGY: Any door in this world creates two systems one inside and one outside, what you see depends in which part you are. Say there are two world, an imaginary one in which every stuff is according to you and there is a real world.

6.) TRANSPARENT: If doors were like opportunities and if they  were transparent then we would without getting into it we could have get an overview of it and could take better decisions.

7.) COURAGEOUS: A stopper of door when dropped can resist very high velocity wind from one side but still easily moved in other way round, this inspires us to stand tenancious against bad situations in life though retaining an affectionate and cheerful character simultaneously.

8.) FORTITUDE: A door closer makes the door shut down everytime, whether opened vigorously or gently, in this way we can develop in us a diligence to react to harsh situations, and turn back to same life leading morals.

What do you think about "DOOR" ???? Circadian Rhythm

9.) SAFETY: Door is the thing that stands for safety and privacy, hence they have a great significance.

9.) Any door was not a door before it was a door, may be made up of wood, plastic or steel, it has its own story how it reached there, and also has a life a lead ahead.

10.) And finally a point to take care that overdose of creativity has not been delivered-

Doors are a great invention by civil engineers they are of many types-

i.) framed and panelled doors

ii.) glazed doors

iii.) flush doors

iv.) louvered doors

v.) revolving doors

vi.) collapsible steel doors

vii.) rolling shutter doors

hats off to civil engineers……….🤣🤣🤣

Be creative and cheerfull.

Thanks for reading.


Should we be interplanetary or rather focus on making Earth a better place?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Friday, 3rd of August marked the commencement of the weekly CEV group discussion for the academic year 2018-19 with the topic:

“Should we be interplanetary or rather focus on making Earth a better place?”

Should we be interplanetary or rather focus on making Earth a better place? Circadian Rhythm  

The purpose was to look at it from an engineering point of view. And to discuss the problems we would face in becoming an interplanetary species. The following points are the minutes of the group discussion that we CEVians had conducted :

  • Viruses may infect humans due to interplanetary travels and may lead to untreatable diseases.
  • Time span required to completely settle on another planet and studying the chemical composition there would be challenging.
  • The uneducated audience is a basic problem.
  • Increasing population may decrease resource per person.
  • Problems: transferring masses, resources, data collection.
  • Classifications of civilization can be done according to needs.
  • Calculations are just hypothesis can be proved wrong.
  • May lead to the war situation, for example, ELYSIUM.
  • Competition among the countries to conquer another planet may help in developing new ways and may give better results.
  • Interplanetary travel would be for limited citizens, therefore Earth has to be made liveable for the majority of mass.
  • Problem: new inventions may lead to decreased use of renewable resources
  • Outer space should be explored to find new renewable resources.
  • Other option like underwater cities may help.
  • Unexplored oceans may be explored well.
  • Government expenditure on researches should be made up marked.
  • Materials required to build houses deep water are a great challenge and hence should be given more research time.

Should we be interplanetary or rather focus on making Earth a better place? Circadian Rhythm

Civilization and education are the foremost before actually shifting our population. At the same time, the organization must compete among themselves to bring the best solutions, as earth’s life should also be unmarked. Space exploration may also help in making earth a better place, still keeping the civilization transfer on another planet our secondary goal. Making the place where we already live is better than doing some probabilistic research. But even technical advancement in creating artificial environment may not help in biological conditions. Proper calculation of resources is also needed. It is the need of the hour that each citizen takes individual responsibility in making Earth a better place and asking others to do the same.


Minutes by:

Aman Pandey

2nd Year, Civil Engineering, SVNIT.

Cinema and Censorship

Reading Time: 3 minutes

On Friday, 4th August 2017 members of Cutting Edge Visionaries met for the first group discussion of the new academic year. The discussion was focused on Censorship of Cinema in India and its comparison with that of the other film industries.

The discussion was initiated with a thought that censorship captivates a movie’s idea within certain limits. It does not allow people to express their thoughts freely. Sometimes the board orders the filmmakers to remove many parts of the film that takes away the essence of the movie. Sometimes the message to be conveyed gets faded and it does not create the impact on the audience as it was meant to.

It was pointed out that what people call “Censor board” is actually the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Their work is actually to provide a certificate to the filmmakers for the public display of the film. Other most important task of the board is to categorize the film according to the content of the film and the age groups that could receive it without any harm.

Sometimes to earn more money, the film makers try to display some high brutal violence and some ill content that may not be perceived satisfactorily by certain people. Such graphic scenes are trimmed by the CBFC and in such way it can be helpful. One cannot directly attack on a certain group or cult, even some specific religion should not be directly disgraced on the name of entertainment. The CBFC looks after all these and takes necessary actions. It is not always that the board bans a movie because of the aggressive content. Certain movies having extreme violence are also released with an adult certification as long as it does not harm the religious beliefs of people. In a way the CBFC filters the movies and categorizes them for the public.

On the other hand, some great movies like “Lipstick under my Burkha” gets a ban. Cinema is all about the reflection of what is happening in the real world, how the society works and what needs to be improved. It feels like the film makers are being deprived of this and are in some way forced to produce the same kinds of drama films. Some members felt that the reason behind this could be corruption and politics. Politics play a major role in every aspect of the nation, directly or indirectly. Hence it is possible that certain interests of any political leader may influence the decisions of the board.

Comparing to Indian film industry, the censorship of other international film industries is much more lenient. They allow the free minded thoughts of the film makers to be carved in a movie. You may see aggressive contents in those movies. But when those movies come to India, the scenes are directly removed and many dialogues are muted. Sometimes the length of movie is drastically reduced due to this and the story seems to be off. This snatches away the essence of the movies.

The discussion was concluded with agreement of all the members that we do need a censor board but also there is something much wrong with it. India being a diverse country, everyone cannot digest everything we show them. There may be opposition by some group of people while the others may like it very much. Hence we do need a censor board. But the system seems to be not working up to its efficiency. Certain factors are holding it back and some wrong decisions are being passed by the board. Hence the board should come up with some technique to pass decisions such that the message of the movie is not curbed. After all cinema is the most popular form of communication to show the society’s reflection.

Discussion on Impact of Automation on Jobs

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The CEV members met on the 24th of March, 2016 for a general discussion on the impact of automation on the current market status. The discussion covered many broad aspects, problems and even probable solutions. Here is the brief conclusion of the discussion.


Impact of Automation on Jobs

“Automation”, what a beautiful word! Where don’t we find automation? There was a time when men were needed to forward our message to some other person using telegraph. But today we can do that in minutes by simply typing and tapping on the send button. Such a major relief on our side! But what happened to the man whom we used to give our message to forward?

Today we all are so engaged for our comforts that we are overlooking the price we actually are paying for it, unemployment. People are being continuously replaced by the automated machines for the simplest works too. Two decades ago this problem was not found to be on such a large scale, but from the past few years we see a whole lot of unemployed people all over the world due to technological advancements. This problem has reached to such an extent that it has got its own term “TECHNOLOGICAL UNEMPLOYMENT”. 

Industrial sector is marching towards full automation. But it is indeed needed. Machines are developed to reduce human efforts and they are exactly doing that. A person doing some job has a higher chance of making a mistake than a machine. Also the machine does a job faster than a human. If I can read news anywhere through my mobile phone, why would I open up a newspaper? A machine always does things which it is told to do. It does not have feelings(hopefully) and so it would do that work in spite of the conditions.

Robots and Jobs.png

For a country, unemployment plays a vital role in underdevelopment of the country. It increases the poverty and decreases the literacy rate of the country. Also the per capita income decreases. A purchase of 10-20 machines in an industry leads to hundreds of people losing their jobs. With the advancements in Artificial intelligence, the time is not long that for each and every job man would be replaced. Dooms day comes nearer and nearer with the increasing robots.

But we can’t stay forever in the stone age. With increasing laziness, people come up with new and new ideas for becoming lazier. Technological advancements cannot be stopped. But it can be limited. Why would we want to make a human like robot when we have overpopulation in the country? Such high advancements leads to people losing jobs on much larger scale and also it increases the fear of bots taking over human population.


The technological advancements are inevitable but they should be made in such a way that the unemployment caused due to it is least. Automation leading to short scale or short term unemployment can be entertained, but not the larger ones. Machines are supposed to be developed to decrease human effort not to completely remove it. For example, auto rickshaws replaced the cycle rickshaws that decreased the effort of the driver but it did not make him unemployed. Invention of cars or taxis can also be entertained as there is a need of a driver in that, but driver less cars is way too much. An industry should not replace ten humans with a single machine, but it should bring in machines that reduces the production time and increases the quality of product drastically but need humans for its operation.

The technological unemployment may become the biggest global issue in the near future. Hence we need to make sure to apply brakes on the journey of automation at regular intervals and always have the control in our hand. A limited progress in the technology to reduce human efforts and increase their comforts should be there but it also has to take into view the betterment of the workers who were previously working in place of that technology.

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