E-Mailing professors shouldn’t be that hard

E-Mailing professors shouldn't be that hard
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Following are a few excerpts from the regular CEV Group chats. Where we were discussing a few very important points you must take care for before emailing professors.

Since, our college has no such source, where the undergrads can learn this skill, which is required in real life. 

CEV is publicizing it for everyone’s benefit…

Make a good use of it…

I don’t know if it is quite random. But I wanted to share this thing with you people.

Good Structuring of an Email is very important. I believe I have received a few very good responses from the professors abroad, just because of probably good structuring of Emails. Professors generally find it good reading the emails is it is structured well. Plus, it reflects, how good you are in documenting the things about you.

A few suggested tips:

1) Try seeing the cover letter from Professor’s POV, (this works for both the cover letter and the resume.). Generally, professor has less time and a large no. of applications, highlighting only the important points while writing a letter/resume works well.

2) Do at least some research about the professor before emailing them. Generally, professors receive a lot of emails regarding assistantship. They have a very good eye at detecting the template emails. So, working on researching about the professors have the benefits like you can show interest in his work, and importantly, you can design your cover letter according to his interests.

3) Always be straight to the point. Seriously, professors love that. Adding a few informal lines at the bottom of the text separately will work, but the initial part of the most highlighted part should be straight to the point.

4) Don’t be cheesy! strictly

5) It is perfectly ok to write about the things you are currently doing(ongoing) or the things you can complete until the date of the interview scheduled by the professor.

6) Try giving reminders after 3 days or a week. Generally, the professor put the email to the reading waitlist, then they forget to look back to it. Giving a properly scheduled reminder, helps him to identify your genuine interests and obviously, helps him remember about your email.

7) never use email trackers. It’s creepy.

Team CEV will make sure to update this list as frequently as possible.

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