CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering

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So, first of all, I want to share the motivation behind the topic. The Nobel prize of 2017 in Physiology (medicine) was shared by three American scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for the discovery of molecular mechanism behind Circadian Rhythm.

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

For introduction: Circadian Rhythm is phenomena that leads all biological process to display an oscillation of about 24 hours and work in sync with each other for optimum health. These rhythms are tuned by a circadian clock and apply to nearly all the organisms. In simple words, the routine of our anatomy is controlled by a body clock.

Here is the proof that the clock is genetically controlled :

There was an experiment in which a healthy adult was shifted to an underground apartment for 40 days to check whether he could maintain his sleep-wake cycle without the aid of sunlight or any external means.

Here is are the recordings of his sleep-wake cycle –

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

Blue represents wake and yellow represents sleep. As the days go on only sleeping timing moves towards midnight but the time period of sleep almost remain constant, hence it can be easily deduced that time-period of body clock is not altered by external factors, the time period remains close to 24 hrs. It has taken decade-long medical researchers to establish that genes control the circadian clock.

Here is what happens in our body to maintain sleep-wake cycle-

If it is assumed that the circadian clock rightly synchronized to earth day and night then it will make you go to sleep by 11 o’clock, will reach deep sleep by 3 o’clock and to anticipate waking body will begin warming up at around 5 o’clock, as soon as you wake up the hormone called melatonin hurtle down and stress hormone called cortisol will rise, brain will reach its peak performance time by noon, athletic performance get its peak in late afternoon and as evening sets the level of melatonin again begin to increase and by 11 o’clock sufficient melatonin is acquired to get a sound sleep.

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

So humans and other organism developed their body clock in synchronization to day-night cycle i.e. 24 hrs as of our planet earth to anticipate daily life. Evolution of body clocks took place through developing adaptation to external stimuli of warm, bright days and cool, dark nights, through genes. And we all must be feel thankful for inheriting this life-sustaining feature by virtue of our primitives or past generations. In the coming part of the blog, I will prove to you how this gift can be taped to become the healthiest version of ourselves, maximize our productivity and do greater feats.


Now every cell in our body has the 24-hour cycle and here is how it operates.

This video beautifully explains the molecular mechanism of the genes to run the body clock.

Till now we have an overview of how the circadian clock works now let’s talk how do we relate this with our lives after all an engineer is far more interested in practical applications and theory behind.CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

We have seen that the time period of this clock is 24 hours but point to be noted is that every organ in our body has its own cycle and work in sync with cycle of other organs to form a single system like blood supply to liver peaks in midnight during deep sleep, lungs gets its peak blood supply in early morning, large intestine in late morning, and so on, so what we need to take care is that this synchronization among organs of body system remain in harmony as they are very well subjected to external stimuli.


CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

Basically the clock of our brain, the master clock, gets activated by blue light, if natural cycle is followed the blue color rich light of morning sunset melatonin to lowest, as the evening sets the natural light becomes less rich in blue and appears red and orange, for which our master clock has evolved to response by instructing to increase melatonin. Now problem is that most part of day-time we live indoors the light of which is not rich in blue color and brains receives a confusing signal, at night when we use our electronic gadgets blue light content is much more than outside hence again a confusing signal and hence melatonin is not controlled properly. If continued for longer duration give rise to problems like migraine, ASD, ADHD, Depression, etc. This is the reason why comps people get sleep late in night and these days devices, when operated at night mode, shifts its color to orange, eliminating blue. On the other hand, owls have evolved to respond differently.


CIRCADIAN RHYTHM : The Inner Engineering Circadian Rhythm

Normal functioning of the digestive system is as follows- during the day time our body runs on carbohydrates provided by diet and stores fats, at night time no carbohydrates input is there and hence body works on fat. Consider if you give carbohydrates to the body at late night then the body cannot burn the fats, hence chances of becoming obese are increased. The solution to this problem is that eat the same amount of food you generally do but avoid taking input late night, it will surely hammer on circadian rhythm by offsetting stomach from the sync with the system.

Now the last part of the blog, the healing power of circadian rhythm. So you must have noticed that the medicines prescribed to you are also instructed to be taken at a particular time of day. The circadian clock tunes the potency of every drug we take, so taking the drug at the instructed time of day can cure you as well as taking it at the wrong time can have adverse effects also. Schedule of flu shots, surgery of liver or heart, radiation therapy of cancer patients all these things depends on the time of day.

Conclusion: We can analyze that in earlier days human died due to diseases like malaria, dengue, chickenpox, polio, pneumonia, mumps, rabies, Ebola, etc. until proper sanitation, vaccination, and antibiotics came into existence, but now the scenario has changed. Now, most common diseases are chronic kidney diseases, asthma, hypertension, anxiety, diabetes, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, insomnia, bipolar, acid reflux, etc. These diseases are directly or indirectly related with our ignorant attitude towards our lifestyles and to be more precise hampering the Circadian Rhythm has bought this havoc to us.

In the end, thanks for time and patience and whole CEV team wishes you a happy Diwali.

Stay healthy, Enjoy reading!



Artificial Intelligence boon or curse?????

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This debate on whether artificial intelligence is good or bad would be among most brainstorming debate in CEV history. At one time we were with the idea that artificial intelligence is an ultimate tool for human to make an earth full of good things and in next moment we felt that it is the last human invention. Debate was held on Friday evening, 31 August.

Points followed for increased exploration in this field were-

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse????? Circadian Rhythm




  1. Artificial intelligence is tool for humanity that can prove to be his most ingenious technological advancement and have potential to help us in sustaining our civilisation much longer.
  2. With the aid of their superhuman capability of enormous computation we can employ them to find solutions to compelling questions like how to cure  AIDS/HIV, how to reduce global warming, alternative for fossil fuels, substitute for plastics,how to reduce ozone layer depletion, etc.
  3. We can exploit this technology in those field where there is great risk of human life like space exploration missions, utility and power linemen, firefighters, miners, search and rescue and so on.
  4.  Now since they are non living things we can use them in crummy works which in many cases lead to social indifferences in our society like slaughterhouse workers, sanitation workers, personal transport drivers, embalmer, garbage collector, sewage cleaner, etc.
  5. Artificial intelligence can play its greatest role in pharmaceutical industry like new methods to treat cancer which are less painful, epidemic control, new medicines with fast cure capability and very less side effects which otherwise will require tedious human labor and time.
  6. Technological change may eliminate specific jobs, but it has always created more in the process, we had witnessed it in past.

Points that indicated that artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to human being ever-

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse????? Circadian Rhythm

  1. These machines are now so advanced that they too have feelings, and in case they feel offended by humans they might declare war against us.
  2. These machines are not subject to ageing so a particular machine can increase its capabilities to tremendous extent.
  3. Another big problem is that it will erase all the job opportunity for the middle class people like car drivers, etc.
  4. Facebook artificial robots were made to shut down forcefully as they were found talking to each other in strange language that was not understood by humans. So, this give us glimpses of what they could be capable of in future. A chunk of  communication they had with them-Bob: i can i i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to

    Bob: you i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Conclusion: Currently in the world Artificial intelligence is still debated topic, there is no doubt that they have a great potential to serve human civilization and make life very convenient, like speech recognition, face recognition all these are features of it. Numerous tech-giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook,  Pandora, Tesla are currently utilizing it for more user friendly services. But on the same time there have being events and prediction that uncontrolled and injudicious use will some day create danger for us, hence it should be taken care that artificial intelligence should be employed only in those field where their use are indispensable and that too under vigilant supervision.

Artificial Intelligence boon or curse????? Circadian Rhythm

Minutes by-

Rahul, electrical engg.(2nd year), SVNIT.

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Try to imagine a new color……………………….ya it is impossible.

COLOR is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green or purple.

Color is all around us. It is a sensation that adds excitement and emotion to our lives.

But what actually a color is??

If it is a human perception then do everyone see different color??

Do everything has a constant color??

There are two things responsible for color:

          1. LIGHT


Color is basically due to reflection and absorption phenomenon. That is absorption and reflection of light. What we see white light is a combination of seven colors.



So all colors are light or all lights are color??

Colors are only the light lying in the visible spectrum or light ranging from wavelength approximately 380 nm to 710 nm.


Color of a object depends upon what color of light it absorbs and what color of light it reflects, transmits or scatters.

When a light arrives at a opaque surface it is either reflected, scattered or  absorbed. Surfaces that reflects light of different wavelengths with different efficiencies look like mirrors tinted with colors determined by those differences. Surfaces that scatters light determine their color by wavelength light scattered. Surfaces that absorbs all the light coming to it appears to be black. Object that transmits lights are either translucent or transparent depending upon level of scattering.

Objects may emit light that are generated from excited electrons. Electrons get exited due to some chemical reactions, temperature elevation, or by absorption of frequencies which results in emission of light and is colored if their wavelength lies in visible region.


For the question If it is a human perception then do everyone see different color??

The answer is yes. That is the reason why some people have color blindness of different colors. It is combined action of the eye and brain that we percept a color.

The colors that we see are due to three types of specialized cells in our eye,these are known as CONES.

COLOR Circadian Rhythm

Light receptors within the eye transmit messages to the brain, which produces the familiar sensations of color. Cones are concentrated in the middle of the retina, with fewer on the periphery. There are more than 6 million cones in one eye that transmits the higher levels of light intensity that create the sensation of color and visual sharpness. The three types of cone-shaped cells, each sensitive to the long, medium or short wavelengths of light. These cells, working in combination with connecting nerve cells, give the brain enough information to interpret and name colors.

About 8% of men and 1% of women have some form of color impairment. Most people with color deficiencies aren’t aware that the colors they perceive as identical appear different to other people. Most still perceive color, but certain colors are transmitted to the brain differently.

The most common impairment is red and green dichromatism which causes red and green to appear indistinguishable. Other impairments affect other color pairs. People with total color blindness are very rare.

10% of males   who’d be unable to read the three twelves and twenty-nines in the circles, below.

COLOR Circadian Rhythm


COLOR Circadian Rhythm

Do everything has a constant color??

Well answer to this question is still uncertain and is mechanism are still largely unknown.  Color constancy is our ability to perceive constant surface colors despite changes in illumination.

In this example, the same flower is depicted four times, each rendered under a different light source. As can be seen, the color of the flower is strongly dependent on the color of the light source. Computational Color Constancy can follow different paths to maintain stable color appearance `

across light sources. One common path, which is now believed not to mimic the human visual system, but is very common among computational models, approaches the problem using two phases. First, based on several assumptions, the color of the light source is estimated from an input image i.e. the image already in your brain.

Then using this estimated illuminant, the input image is corrected so that it appears to be taken under a canonical (e.g. white) light source.



According to physics, color are those which lie in the visible spectrum i.e. whose wavelength ranges from 380 nm to 710 nm, accordingly white and black should not be colors. Black is absorption of all lights and white is reflection of all lights. But if we include in the definition of color, however, all of the ways in which human eyes process light and the lack of it, then black and white are colors. But this is still a debatable topic for scientists.

Then from where a cryon box contains white and black colors?

That are actually false colors, formed from some kind of pigment.

World could not be imagined without color. Color give colors to lives. Black may be a color or not but everyone loves it.


Why has our Education System Failed?

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Education has been a problem in our country and lack of it has been blamed for all sorts of evil for hundreds of years. The rate of progress is since colonial times is that we established IITs, IIMs, law schools and other institutions of excellence but to get admission is far more difficult as students now routinely score 90% marks so that even students with 90+ percentage find it difficult to get into the colleges of their choice. When a student is interested in science and technology related studies cannot, in most of the cases, be admitted into his desired college why?? A simple answer, many genius minds who are not interested in that field, study hard and reach the same but ultimately change their domain after their graduation which leads to another question why do they do such things??

Why has our Education System Failed? Circadian Rhythm

Similarly, another simple answer, OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM as sometimes due to our great education system our parents force us to study hard and secure our future but are not concerned about what exactly an individual wants to do. In this matter parents cannot be completely blamed as they want their child to have a secure and a safe future, the only thing to be blamed is our education system where children are not guided properly (At an early age in secondary and primary) as what should they do in their future life. Some schools provide such great opportunities and education that many students educate with a goal and achieve that goal and rich to great highs in their life but what about other students who cannot afford such fees. Creating a few more schools or allowing hundreds of colleges and private universities to mushroom are not going to solve the crisis of education in India. And a crisis it is – we are in a country where people are spending their parent’s life savings and borrowed money on education – and even then not getting a standard education, and struggling to find employment of their choice. In this country, millions of students are the victim of an unrealistic, pointless, mindless rat race. The mind-numbing competition and rote learning do not only crush the creativity and originality of millions of Indian students every year, it also drives brilliant students to commit suicide. We also live in a country where the people see education as the means of climbing the social and economic ladder. If the education system is failing – then it is certainly not due to lack of demand for good education, or because a market for education does not exist.

Why has our Education System Failed? Circadian Rhythm


Blog by:

Deep Jariwala.

3rd Year, Electronics and Communications, SVNIT.


‘Apun ka business’ vs. ‘Ek secure life’

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Is working for a startup better for me or should I join a large MNC? Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? We all have had these questions come to our mind at one time or the other. Let’s examine both the options and see if we can bring an end to this debate.

Having the next ‘big thing’ is the new cool. We all have fantasized about having our own billion dollar company at one time or the other with our friends. Startups are considered fun and are known for their employee-centric work cultures. An important thing that differentiates a startup from a regular business is the fact that a startup is built to grow, to adapt to fast change.

Let’s have a look at some of the skills that one requires for being a successful entrepreneur.

  • Public speaking:

Public speaking comes in handy when marketing your product to the masses. Steve Jobs is a perfect example of how the charisma of one’s personality can help form the image of the company.

  • Financial skills:

How much should I give away 15% in my company for ? Is buying this company worth it ? These are some of the few questions which one can answer when one is well versed in the jargons of Wall Street.

  • Human relation skills:

Entrepreneurship is all about the people. You can’t expect to run a successful startup if you can’t make people work for you.

In the last couple of years, the startup ecosystem in India has been given an impetus by the recent policies of the Indian Government especially the likes of Startup India program, Make In India program and AIC (Atal Incubation Centres ).

A corporate job is commonly associated with security. It is often made to seem that there is no personal development for a person who decides to work for another company instead of building his own. But I think it is not true. We have, as examples, our very own Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai who depict the possibility of corporate success. A corporate scenario provides plenty of opportunities for one’s self-improvement. Skills like public speaking, marketing and finance prove really handy in AC corporate job as well.

Making it big in the startup world is a journey in itself. For becoming successful as an entrepreneur, one has to exercise a lot of self-awareness and know himself or herself deeply. In a startup, one has the tremendous job of building one’s own distribution network which is not the case in a job. A startup provides opportunities for great growth in a small period of time which is usually not available in case of a corporate job. Usually, growth in corporate life comes slowly.’Slow and steady wins the race’ aptly applies to the corporate scenario.

So, what should one go for ?

According to me, one must definitely go for a startup if he/she thinks that his/her idea can bring something new to the table.

But, as Rajat Khanna of TVF Pitchers (if you guys haven’t watched it  yet, watch it, it’s brilliant ) says :

‘Apun ka business’ vs. ‘Ek secure life’ Circadian Rhythm


Startups, if done just as another option to improve one’s life prospect, there are more chances of it to fail. According to some statistics, as much as 75% of all venture-backed startups fail.

Sometimes an entrepreneur’s life becomes too monotonous. One has to sacrifice a lot of things that one can experience as a normal person. In this regard, a well-suited job may serve you better in helping you experience all the different joys that life has to offer you.

So, what do you think about entrepreneurship ? Is it overhyped and glorified ? Is a 9-to-5 job really adventureless or is it just another cliche ? Let’s talk !


Blog by:

Vineet Bhat

2nd Year, Electronics and Communication, SVNIT.

Commercialization of Technology Innovation: Issues and Challenges

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Commercialization of Technology Innovation: Issues and Challenges Circadian RhythmCEV was blessed to have Dr. Hemant Kumar Bulsara, Applied Mathematics and Humanities Department, SVNIT to give a talk on Commercialization of Technology Innovation: Issues and Challenges.

The audience was given knowledge about patent and how it has just become a protective mechanism for researchers and technologists rather than commercializing it and implement it among the greater good among the mass. Also, various case-studies were discussed and analyzed.

Commercialization of Technology Innovation: Issues and Challenges Circadian Rhythm

Dr. Bulsara had a great interactive session. A pinch of humor and honesty was sprinkled throughout the discussion. The QnA session was also very interesting as it helped the audience visualize various problems from a very different point of view.

Commercialization of Technology Innovation: Issues and Challenges Circadian Rhythm


The illusion of security

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I was just sitting in a corner and pondering that most of my classmates are joining GATE tuitions for preparation, even I should join because I can’t prepare on my own.

Just because it’s common, that doesn’t mean it’s not risky. Many people fall into the misconception that if everyone is doing the same thing, it must be the safest path. If you were born several decades ago, you would have thought smoking was safe because everyone was doing it.

The Only Security is Within You

Personal development, far from being a risky choice, is probably one of the safest. You can always lose your job, but only rarely can you lose your skills. Businesses can die, but the lessons learned from failed ventures make future businesses stronger. Your health can falter, but your skill in changing your habits can stay strong.

If any investment of your time doesn’t build internal assets, it isn’t worth doing. Even the most lucrative job isn’t worth the paycheck if you aren’t becoming more skilled or knowledgeable as a result. One of the reasons I believe running a business is safer than working at a job is that I’ve learned far more from entrepreneurship than I have from any job or class. Even if my external assets fail, I’ve still built internal assets that can’t be taken away.

Security is nothing but only illusion

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men experience it as a whole. Avoiding danger, in the long-run, is no safer than outright exposure.” – Helen Keller

Security doesn’t come from following the masses. With an economic collapse, terrorist attacks, obesity epidemics, and third-world flood-relief efforts in an industrialized country, I don’t think anyone can argue that the world is inherently safe. But in that fear you have two choices: to blindly follow the masses over the edge of a cliff, or to think for yourself.

Personal development and unconventional choices often lead to the most success. But despite their appearance, they often hold the least risk. Businesses can fail and diets can be flawed, but every day people lose their jobs and eat hamburgers. There is no such thing as complete safety, and if there was, it certainly wouldn’t be existing in the millions of mediocre choices made by the majority today.

Every human on this planet has some knack in a particular field but we all want to sidestep it. We all  indulge ourselves  in this type of insecurity because someone has landed a Goldman Sachs job  and we might not. But we all should contemplate over it, because security is only an illusion.

We All Make Mistakes

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We all make mistakes, have struggled and even learn by our mistakes to grow as a prudent leader. When we commit a mistake, everybody villify us, we face humiliation, vehement condemnation and left as a despicable image for perpetuating that mistake. Mistakes may be a portrayed as a part of profanity, but when we learn from our mistakes then we blossom as a glittering ray which throws it’s effect to everyone who has disdained us for our mistake.If someone learns from his own mistake then he proves himself as a homo sapiens.After all, we are human beings and mistakes are a part of our life.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their lives. Sometimes, even a good person can make bad choices but it doesn’t mean that they are bad rather it proves they are human beings.

In this world of intricacy, no one is impeccable, everyone commits mistakes. Perpetrating mistakes is not a problem but reiterating the same would always put you down. Repetition of mistakes would print a smirch on your image which would be perpetual and no one would scourge it.

Sometimes making mistakes is far better than faking perfections. 

Most of the time you will feel like albatross around your neck until you could not rectify your mistakes. But once you overcome it, you would be hailed by everyone.

And if you could remember there was a savvy better known for his strong humour (E=MC^2 wala), a super human defining the difference between stupidity and genius, as genius is confined to certain limits but stupidity is boundless. Every mistake defines stupidity but anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.


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