Blockchain and Security Blog Series

Blockchain and Security Blog Series
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This Blog Series is meant for everyone willing to grab a look underhood the Blockchain and Security system. Doesn’t matter you are a freshman or a senior, do a diligent reading and try to comprehend whatever is written.

This is especially to show a “Road not Taken” usually by the undergrads of the college. Hope this insight helps!!!

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Day01 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog I – Part I – Day 01 Hey guys, I was just sitting an thinking to what else can be initiated in CEV, as an attempt to show my college people something “Cutting-Edge” and that can actually share with the undergrads here, to what is called as “The Road not taken!” With that I came up with a thought to start a series of micro-blogs on “Why?”…

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Day02 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog I – Part II – Day 02 At CEV, we basically focus on creating inquisitiveness rather than teaching a lot. After all we all are an autodidact, searching for motivation and peers around to learn, to what we call as “Classrooms”. Considering that, I am adding a subpart to the list below, which will be telling about a few very “well-known” CVE registered bugs. Prerequisites a basic…

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Day03 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog I – Part III – Day 03 As you have already seen, how critical the small bugs could be. The fatal injury they can cause to your data privacy can’t be overlooked. Creating a fault free system, is extremely tough, and this is what the world or your own startup demands from you. There has been a boom in AI startups. As simple as that, create an…

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Day04 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog I – Part IV – Day 04 The process to create a secure system, requires the knowledge of almost every domain in periphery of the application you are making, and the conjunction of that every technology. For eg. working on a Blockchain systems requires you to have an idea about what goes on in the Distibuted networks, the data structures, the contract flow, the cryptographic key generation,…

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Day05 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog I – Part V – Day 05 The challenges faced while creating a secure software is quite straight, and so straight are the solutions. This blog covers the very two terms to tell about how to measure the realiability of a secure system. Plus, after covering a lot of scenarios, I will try to connect the dots for you people, to be able to comprehend the further…

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Day06 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog I – Part VI – Day 06 This blog will cover the motivation to what lead me write this blog series. I will be covering a few intriguing bugs(in the very next BLOG), which could seriously be enlightening to the people reading, and yeah, may serve the target of this blog series, of showing the people to what is called as “The road not taken” Let’s go…

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Day07 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

Blockchain is often described as merely the technology behind the “Cryptocurrencies” and people fail to perceive the avenues it opens for the greater good of mankind. In reality, Blockchain is to cryptocurrency as to what the Internet is to email.  You never thought about applying blockchain in different domains for the upliftment of the society because you were too busy trading in Bitcoins and ether to mint money since that’s…

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Day08 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog II – Part I – Day 08 The last blog was written by Kaushik, the Applied Physics Freshman student, beautifully covered the diverse applications of Blockchain and the challenges/risks involved with the use of the current form of Blockchain technology.. This blog will cover straight definitions and their super intuitive explanations(as far as I can make), about the FORMAL METHODS & VERIFICATIONS. What are they? and Why…

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Day11 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog III – Part I – Day 11 Hope the blogs are going pretty well. In this very blog, divided into several micro-blogs, I’ll be explaining about the Hyperproperties. This particular thing will take you to the most obvious level of understanding the computer systems. And in this particular micro-blog, I’ll tell about hyperproperties, directly. Most of the work will be taken from the teachings of my mentor…

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Day12 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog III – Part II – Day 12 In this blog, we’ll vaguely discuss the Hyperproperties and Information Flow thing. As continued, this blog will contain the understandings from the Teachings of Dr Pramod, from SAT SMT Winter School 2018[1]. I will try to portray my understanding from his teachings and is working with him closely on Blockchain, I suppose it earned me a proper understanding. Let us…

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Day13 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog III – Part III – Day 13 Understanding Hyperproperties and Blockchain together. And how this could be so big! Let’s get in…. In this micro-blog Let us check this vaguely 2-trace property Hyperproperties Safety and Liveness – Another 2 very Important terms Blockchain & Hyperproperties How this could be so big? Safety and Liveness – Another 2 very Important terms As already explained, Property is a set…

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Day14 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog IV – Part I – Day 14 Let us get some dirty hands on Solidity, to exploit some very dangerous Ethereum – Solidity bugs. 2 Bugs/vulenrabilities in this very micro-blog. Covering bugs like, Denial of Service with Block Gas Limit, where the attacker exploits the bug by taking benefit from limited GAS available for each transaction, and unchecked_send() bug, which when made by mistake, could be a…

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Day15 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog IV – Part II – Day 15 Let us get some dirty hands on with some more Solidity code and exploit a few more Ethereum – Solidity bugs. Here we’ll discuss about the famous DAO attack, caused by the reentrancy bug. Let us do it… In this micro-blog delegatecall (the proxy calls) (SWC-112) (Inclusion of Functionality from Untrusted Control Sphere) DoS With Block Gas Limit (SWC –…

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Day16 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog V – Part I – Day 16 Hey People, I have been a little busy for last few days. Plus it took me some time to find the correct stuff that should fir right in the series. So now, after so many micro-blogs, it is possible that you must be wondering on How an attacker can even do this? For that I’ll be giving you people an…

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Day17 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog V – Part II – Day 17 Hey People, I have given a gist of how the EVM stores the smart contracts on its machine. In this I will directly discuss some technical things about, how deep you can dive into using just the information told about in the previoud micro-blog. Will try to give a glimpse, rest you can think of autonomously. Let’s do it… In…

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Day18 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

Hey guys, in this Blog I will be discussing the Integration of Blockchain with IoT (Internet of Things). So, let’s proceed with what IoT actually is. What is Iot? Internet of things is an environment of connected physical devices embedded in various systems and accessible on the Internet, thus rendering these devices to become autonomous and can be controlled through their digital representation. The whole idea behind IoT is based on the…

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Day19 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: aman Blog VII – Part I – Day 19 So, towards an end of this series. I was quite busy in some other blog so couldn’t write this one quickly. In this blog I’ll take up a case of a Security tool used in Ethereum Smart Contract bug discovery, ECHIDNA. I’ll try to unwrap a few things about how a security can be used to analyse a “script”, that…

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Day20 – “Why?” & “What in?” Security & Blockchain?

author: amanBlog VIII – Part I – Day 20Hey there, Sorry for time being away. In the complete series the main focus was to get the undergrads of my college to a kind of “ROAD” that is not taken “usually”. This was something out of the world of Competitive Coding and Machine Learning. Since the Internet is Changing, and Blockchains are the one who is the Lead Changer of this…

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Kaushik Chandra (MSc Physics I)
Gaurav Kumar (BTech I – ECE)

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