We All Make Mistakes

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We all make mistakes, have struggled and even learn by our mistakes to grow as a prudent leader. When we commit a mistake, everybody villify us, we face humiliation, vehement condemnation and left as a despicable image for perpetuating that mistake. Mistakes may be a portrayed as a part of profanity, but when we learn from our mistakes then we blossom as a glittering ray which throws it’s effect to everyone who has disdained us for our mistake.If someone learns from his own mistake then he proves himself as a homo sapiens.After all, we are human beings and mistakes are a part of our life.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their lives. Sometimes, even a good person can make bad choices but it doesn’t mean that they are bad rather it proves they are human beings.

In this world of intricacy, no one is impeccable, everyone commits mistakes. Perpetrating mistakes is not a problem but reiterating the same would always put you down. Repetition of mistakes would print a smirch on your image which would be perpetual and no one would scourge it.

Sometimes making mistakes is far better than faking perfections. 

Most of the time you will feel like albatross around your neck until you could not rectify your mistakes. But once you overcome it, you would be hailed by everyone.

And if you could remember there was a savvy better known for his strong humour (E=MC^2 wala), a super human defining the difference between stupidity and genius, as genius is confined to certain limits but stupidity is boundless. Every mistake defines stupidity but anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.


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