Kaustubh Ranjan Singh

2014-01-11 22.02.03Hi all..!! Myself Kaustubh Ranjan Singh.

Me an enthusiastic and buddying III Yr Electronics Engineer from National Institute of Technology,Surat. An eclectic person passionate about technology and culture.. A pragmatic and independent inquiring mind, gained through my studies and interests. I hail from city of Taj , Agra.

I am Co-Chairman IEEE Student Chapter , SVNIT.

I hold NCC ‘C’ Certificate. I had the privilege of being a part of National Integrated Camp, Chennai as a member of Gujarat Directorate.Had been blessed with an opportunity from Indian Army to fire LMG and SLR rifles.

I had honed my knowledge by working in DEAL, Dehradun on Microwave Integrated Circuits facility as a part of Summer Training ’13.

I am the Editor for this website blogs and various contents.

CoCordinator Exhibition Committee , Mindbend ’12.

Field Visit : Nuclear Power Plant , Kalpakkam.


Projects Finished –

Willkinson Power Divider on Microstrip Line.

Rover Researchea Bot.

Intercomm half duplex system  implementation.


Current undertaken projects :


Mobile USB Charger.


Software Proficiency:

Advanced Design Suite (ADS) from Agilent.



Passionate with Augmented reality, travelling, football, novels and music.


Email : kaustubhr.singh@gmail.com

Contact No. : 9408809416







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