Shubham Garg

CEV TALK HostedShubham Garg

-Radio Communication

-Application of BFS and DFS in Robotics

-Touch Screen technologies


Research Interest

– Artificial Intelligence

– Image Processing

– Single Board Computing


Current Research Project

-Interfacing Omni vision cameras with AVR microcontroller

-Designing hardware for interfacing Raspberry pie to AVR microcontrollers


Accomplished Projects

– EEPROM Programmer

-Real time image processing based on Raspberry pie

-Obstacle distance measurement using AVR microcontrollers

-Displaying images on GLCD,TFT using LPC2148


Major Skills

-Image Processing Toolbox of Matlab

-Programming 8051, AVR based microcontroller

-Programming ARM7TDMI , STM32F4xx microcontrollers

-Single Board Computing (RASPBERRY PI)


Origami, Learning new facts about Space, Watching Cricket



+91 7600046837
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