Finding problems & optimizing performance of Zn-Air Battery

Abhishek SinghOngoing
2.Shell and semi batch type Heat ExchangerAbhishek SinghJanuary-May 2013
3.A car which is capable of running through stored power in Zn- Air battery & Propulsion system based on decomposition  of Hydrogen Peroxide with KI as catalystAbhishek SinghJuly-December 2012



1.SVNIT TNP WebsiteAbhinav SharmaMay-July 2013



1.Control of Inverter Circuit using STM32F4 on ARM Cortex M4 CoreRahul DhakechaOngoing
2.Inverter CircuitRahul DhakechaJan-August 2013



1.Speech RecognitionPratik ChatrathChandresh Singh

Dhaval Vora

2.Grid Solving Robot/ Advanced Line FollowerPratik ChatrathRahul Dhakecha

Brijesh Modasara

Jan 2012-Jan 2013
3.Propeller Clock – Persistence of VisionPratik ChatrathRahul Dhakecha

Brijesh Modasara

Harshit Kapadia

Jan-March 2012
4.Interfacing Omni vision cameras with AVR microcontrollerShubham GargMay- July 2013
5.Designing hardware for interfacing Raspberry Pie to AVR microcontrollersShubham GargMay- July 2013
6.EEPROM ProgrammerShubham GargMay- July 2013
7.Real time image processing based on Raspberry pieShubham GargJanuary- March 2013
8.Obstacle distance measurement using AVR microcontrollersShubham GargJanuary- March 2013
9.Displaying images on GLCD,TFT using LPC2148Shubham GargJanuary- March 2013
10.Designing efficient Algorithm for Data compression.Prashant PandeyMay- July 2013
12.Low cost Water Level Controller (Rs 30) for Buildings and Industries which is capable of automatic on/off  of water pump in buildingsPrashant PandeyJuly – August 2011
13.MICROPROCESSOR 8085 DESIGN using verilog HDL  AT WEL IITBPrashant PandeyMay- July 2013
14.Data Acquisition and Storage In Environmental Monitoring device Envirobat  at CENSE , IISc BangalorePrashant PandeyJanuary- March 2013
15.Designed MOSFET using TCADPrashant PandeyJanuary- March 2013



1.Nucleate Pool BoilingArvindOngoing
2.Semi-batch type Heat ExchangerArvindAugust -October 2013
3.Flow Boiling in Annular TubeArvindMay – July 2013
4.Stair ClimberArvindSeptember – October 2012
5.RC AircraftArvindFebruary – April  2012
6.Hydraulic Rope ClimberArvindDecember 2011 – January 2012
CEV - Handout
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