Abhishek Singh

Chemical Engineer

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Research Interest

  • Alternate energy sources – Solar Cells & Batteries.
  • Semiconductor Device Manufacturing.
  • Developing Chemical Car & finding out practical (daily life) implementation of these propulsion systems.


Current Research Project    

Finding problems for uncommercialization and improving market viability of Zn Air battery –


Completed  Projects: 

1) A car which is capable of running through stored power in Zn- Air battery & Propulsion system based on decomposition  of Hydrogen Peroxide with KI as catalyst

2) Shell and semi batch type Heat Exchanger.



I worked on Surface Modification and characterization by Langmuir Film Balance, Contact angle and Atom Force Microscopy (AFM) for mixed monolayers of fatty acids and alcohols.

Confrence and Seminar

Attended ‘ ICON – NANO 2013 ’ -International Conference on Surface Science and Nanotechnology -at Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat between 10-12th December 2013.


  • Programming of AVR Atmega 16 MCU


Hobbies & Recreation

Playing cricket, badminton and watching movies.




Email(Work):  abhishek@cevgroup.org

(Personal):  abhishekjjn04@yahoo.com


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