Seven new Worlds found by NASA

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My blog is about the 7 new Earth-like planets found in a system that is 40 light years away (3.784×10^13 km) from us. You may be thinking that’s a pretty big distance but it’s not true in the case of astronomy. The star found is an ultra-cooled red dwarf about 9 % of Sun’s mass in Aquarius constellation named as Trappist-1. The seven planets orbit the star in the orbit that is much closer than Mercury’s orbit and a year on the closest planet Trappist-1b is only of 1.5 Earth days, while that of the farthest one Trappist 1h is only 18.8 Earth days. The planets pass so close to one another that gravitational interactions are significant.the size of all seven planets are more or less similar to that of Earth , all of them have chances of having liquid water on their surface and three of them that are Trappist 1(e,f,g) are in habitable zone making them the most appropriate place to be capable of sustaining life in the known universe besides Earth.

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