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A revolutionary pen that draws any colour…

Children and artists usually possess a plethora of colours, and yet many a times, fail to find the shade that is “just right” for them. Moreover, the numerous colour pens/pencils that everyone owns, produces limitless plastic wastes/ induces deforestation. The catastrophic consequences of both these issues are right before our eyes. Scribble is a device that proves to be an antidote against all these predicaments…

It is a gadget that allows you to choose from 16 million colours while drawing, so you’ll always find the perfect shade and the entire pallet of an artist is held in just a single pen!

All you have to do is hold Scribble’s scanner up to any colour, like on a wall, magazine, fruit or toy and within a second or two, that colour is ready to use. You can instantly draw using the same shade of the “picked” colour – on paper or on your favorite phone, iPad or Wacom Tablet with the Scribble’s stylus pen. The device can hold 1,00,000 unique colours in its internal memory and can reproduce over 16 million unique colours.

Here comes the interesting part of its working. The scribble pen uses a colour sensor and a microprocessor to detect colours. The sensor is embedded at the end of the pen, opposite to the nib and is called the Scribble’s scanner part.

In the ink version of the pen, ink cartridges are used to mix the required colour ink for drawing. The cartridges are refillable and fit inside the body of the pen. They come in cyan, magenta, yellow, white and black. The stylus version works in a similar fashion but does not need cartridges. It rather stores the picked colour in a digital format and the user can doodle on their smartphone or tablet using a dedicated app.

With a considerable battery life of about 15 hours, the pen can draw up to 30 yards. One can easily scan and sync any colour from the pen to an iOS or Android device. It is Photoshop and Corel compatible and enables programming our own dream colours. Moreover, the waste produced by the Scribble stylus is reduced to practically nothing, making it the greenest colouring device ever created!

Such fascinating features surely make scribble a notable invention.

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