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Minutes of Meeting
Topic – Cloud

Yes! Yet another out of the blue abstract topic in the house…. We were amused by the selection of such an abstract topic . Obviously we had done no preparations and had no clue about it.

So as the discussion started, the first thing which struck us was about the shape and the size of the cloud. We remembered during our childhood days, visualizing objects from our daily routine while watching clouds. While on a sunny day, observing the white clouds and evoking the imagination within us. Clouds are an important part in a scenery with lush green fields.

They depict the two sides of human nature, the light and fluffy showing the joyous and blissful nature and on the other side are the dark and ugly clouds showing the negative human nature .Clouds bring hope for farmers while on the other hand they bring grief for people not having concrete houses.

Clouds too analogs with the human life cycle. They have their birth from the water evaporated from oceans until it rains to accomplish its existence. They serve the mother earth with rain just like humans serve to the society to show their existence!

Clouds are seen as the visible limit to the sky. They act as a blanket to the planet earth. On a sunny day ,during the summers playing cricket on the fields, whenever a cloud provides us with a shade we silently bless them to stay and protect us from the harsh sun. If the sky is a window then clouds acts as a curtain, this inspires us to raise the curtains of our life and widen our vision.

Clouds are commonly used in literature showing the aspect of freedom. They motivate us to cross our personal boundaries and limits as clouds float high in the sky.

One of the most peculiar thing about clouds we observe is that it is often perceived as a storage unit. Practically it can be said as a storage for water droplets. But we often notice on comics or animation that thoughts of a character are showed in a bubble or cloud!! Also the famous Google cloud or I cloud storing our data!! So indeed it’s one of a kind..

Clouds are even worshipped in countries like Sweden and Norway! They glorify scenes in cinematic performance as in the Oscar winning movie La- La Land.

Clouds can be a beauty as well as a beast .

Clouds can be romance for poets or a canvas or artists.

In a nutshell, we can see clouds as two visions- one as the scientific eye i.e the concept of water cycle and how clouds help in growth of various crops,etc. Other vision is the imagination part where clouds can be seen as a plain canvas which can be filled with an unlimited imagination of ours. For some it can be considered as a figure of freedom and for some it can be as a figure of boundation, all depends on each and every person’s perspective!!

Keep Reading! Keep Learning!
Team CEV

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