Learning through movies!

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Ever thought engineering was boring? Ever fell asleep reading from a textbook? Lost interest lately?

Try watching this film and I bet you’ll get interested. Packed with visuals and animations that could drive concepts into your skull, this video series was conceived and produced by a team from Applied Mechanics Department of SVNIT, Surat. Professor Dr. H.S Patil along with Sundareson, Ramon and Anandkumar started off with the idea and a script while professional filmmaker Chakshu Khatsuria finished it off with his expertise.

This film is about Load Transfer Mechanism in Structures. It could be appealing to students taking their first course in Structural engineering or Civil engineering.

One thought on “Learning through movies!

  1. Thank you sir, through this video it becomes very easy to understand types of loads and load transfer mechanism
    and ‘chatur virus’ part was awesome sir 🙂

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