Minutes of Leaf

Minutes of Leaf
Reading Time: < 1 minute
  •       Leaf and Circle of life
  •       Live your life to the fullest at the early age just like leaf
  •       If you are a grown up, make your contribution to the society just like leaf
  •       Small but complex  
  •       Why we worship leaves? They are generous.
  •       Provides food and energy to the world
  •       How leaves and humans are similar
  •       Both are unique in their own way
  •       Things to be learned from leaves
  •       We should respect everyone’s uniqueness.
  •       Like trees bind leaves together, we should live in symphony.
  •       How Tress and Human families are similar
  •       Unity is the principle of life, like trees only survives when there are leaves to feed it humans also should live with unity in order to make a better place to live.
  •       Adjust yourselves with the surroundings like leaves
  •       How can we relate evolution of human generations with evolution of leaves
  •       Leaves fall apart, decompose and help the next generation to grow. Similarly, in all the other species parents sacrifice themselves to make a better future of their children. Nature is somehow behave uniformly everywhere.

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