Solar Energy – Shining the light on solar

Solar Energy - Shining the light on solar
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Solar Energy - Shining the light on solar

Rahul Singh & Parth Shah, Electrical Engineering (Batch of 2017), SVNIT gave a talk on Solar Energy on 5th of April 2016.

The talk basically covered a lot of stuff about solar energy, from the simplest working and interpretation of solar cell to huge solar power plants. Also, interesting facts and technological implementation of solar cells were discussed in great depth.

We witnessed a plethora of audience from first yearites to pre-final year students who gained knowledge and got their doubts and problems solved. Also, the orators explained to us about the research work that they have done in the same field. Tesla solar roof and many such real-life examples were taken to keep up the interest among the audience, and an in-depth working of their technology was discussed.

Rahul Singh being a MITACS scholar, having done his summer research internship at the University of Manitoba, shared his experience and research work done there. Great insights were provided and also guidance was given on how to pursue solar RnD as a career.

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