Application Of Electronics in Automobiles

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Automotive electronics or automotive embedded systems are distributed systems and according to different domains in the automotive field they can be classified into:

}        Engine Electronics

}        Transmission Electronics

}        Chassis Electronics

}        Active Safety

}        Driver assistance

}        Passenger Comfort

}        Infotainment systems


Engine Electronics

}        One of the most demanding electronic part of an automobile is the engine control unit. Engine controls demand one of the highest real time deadlines, as the engine itself is very fast and complex part of the automobile. Of all the electronics in any car the computing power of the engine control unit is the highest, typically a 32-bit processor.


In a Diesel Engine

}        -Fuel injection rate

}        -Emission control, Nox control

}        -Regeneration of oxidation catalytic converter

}        -Turbocharger control

}        -Cooling system control

}        -Throttle control


In a Gasoline engine


}        OBD OnBoard diagnosis

}        -Cooling system control

}        -Ignition system control

}        -Lubrication system control (only few has electronic control)

}        -Fuel injection rate control

}        -Throttle control


Transmission Electronics

}        This controls the transmission system; mainly it controls the shifting process of the gears. For a better shift comfort, lower torque interrupt while shafting -these electronics are used in a manual transmission. Many semi automatic transmissions which have a fully automatic clutch or a semi-auto clutch (only declutching) use electronics for its operation and control. Also fully automatic transmissions use controls for their operation.


Chassis Electronics


}        ABS – Anti-lock braking system

}        TC – Traction control system

}        EBD – Electronic brake distribution

}        ESP – Electronic Stability Program



Active Safety

}        Air Bags

}        Hill Descent Control

}        Emergency Brake assist system


Driver assistance

}        Lane assist system

}        Speed assist system

}        Blind spot detection

}        Park assist System

}        Adaptive Cruise Control System


Passenger Comfort

}        Automatic Climate control

}        Electronic seat adjustment with memory

}        Automatic wipers

}        Automatic Headlamps



}        Navigation system

}        Music system

               Information access






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