CEV Orientation 4.0

CEV Orientation 4.0
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September of 2016 was the time when Cutting Edge Visionaries (CEV) showcased its presence before the batch of 2020. It was unlike any normal orientation of student chapter of our college because the hosts were not merely restricted to informing us about the technical stuff but more importantly, they were sharing their true and honest stories with us, which helped the freshers to identify the various spectrum of college life.

In this Orientation program, students were given information about the college, life at college, facilities provided by the college, proper methods of utilizing the provided facilities, how can they be productive in the spare time etc. They were provided with various information, from which projects they can do to which TV shows and movies they should watch. Apart from this, they were also given knowledge about “Must Visit Places of Surat”, the famous delicacies and were given a glimpse of the culture and festivals celebrated here.

Special brochures were prepared and distributed among students which showcased various learning platforms, area of innovations, must watch TV series and movies, courses for academic and non-academic stuff and various other details which would be of great help to fresher.

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