College degree: To have or not to have

College degree: To have or not to have
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On February 14th Friday(Valentine’s eve), the members of CEV got together for their regular meeting and debated on the hot topic “Having a degree is sufficient”. Battle lines were drawn, pertinent points were made and things became heated. Here’s the list of all the arguments made by the group that spoke for the topic –

  • Having a degree provides a dedicated path to students entering the professional domain.
  • It offers access to high tech facilities and laboratories at a nominal cost.
  • It is preceded by well defined and carefully laid out curriculums that certainly add value to the students.
  • It’s also accompanied by an enjoyable college/university culture with minimal hardships.
  • It teaches the value of patience in a world where we are getting more and more used to fast things.
  • College name and brand brings credibility to aspirants.
  • It brings a certain degree of freedom. 
  • Networking with the help of alumni becomes possible.
  • A degree acts as a backup or safeguard.


  • High fees and bounded rigid academics make it difficult for people to pursue their dreams in their desired field.
  • It is a difficult path to walk on for most people just to get a piece of paper.
  • Degrees are made obsolete and unnecessary by the availability of easily accessible resources and several eminent and successful individuals are a testament to this notion.
  • No time and academic boundation make it easy for people to pursue their passions whenever they feel like and at their pace.
  • We can pursue any topic of our choice when there’s no restriction.
  • Talent combined with hard work trumps all. There are several examples of people whose success was not defined by their academic prowess.
  • Low cost and therefore less debt and hence, less mental stress entering the professional space.
  • Topics of current interest with high industrial demand can be studied without any fuss.
  • Work experience builds better networks than the network as a result of the college experience.
  • The degree is just about joining the college whether or not you study properly. Most people barely pass their exams and the template is true across the board.

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