Introduction To Organisational Behavior

Introduction To Organisational Behavior
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Why Management is an IMPORTANT study for Engineering Students?

“successful engineering projects rely more on non-technical skills than technical skills.” It’s not like that technical skills aren’t important, because the car we drive will not be able to run without technical skills of an engineer and it will not be safe to drive until a skilled Automobile engineer works on it. Any skilled engineer working on any particular project will not be successful unless there is an equally skilful project manager involved in it. Doesn’t feel right? Project Management Institute’s (PMI) 2016 report The High Cost of Low Performance: How will you improve business results? Showed that $122 million was wasted for every $1 billion invested due to poor project performance. So gaining some management skills to an engineer is very helpful.

What is Organisational behaviour?

Organisational behaviour (OB) is an important topic in the studies of management. OB is a study & application of knowledge about human behaviour as individuals and in groups- in the organization- strives to identify ways in which people can act more effectively. OB is the field of study which investigates the behaviour of the individual group and organizational structure. Why do we need to learn OB?
  • Knowledge is replacing infrastructure. In past years companies are interested in developing the infrastructure but later they realise that knowledge is more important than infrastructure.
  • Self-Leadership is succeeding command control management. Self-motivated man does not want leader-ship so it reduces the cost of supervisors.
  • Companies are looking for employees with emotional intelligence, not just technical smartness. Companies are not hiring employees with high IQ but also for their high Emotional Intelligence EQ, because a person with high EQ can handle the workload and give his best performance in a critical situation.
  • Globalisation has become the mantra of corporate survival. Before the globalisation, the companies were only selling their products to their local areas but after globalisation that companies selling their products to different countries which requires the understanding of global policies.
Organisational behaviour includes topics like psychology, sociology, political science etc. Psychology includes the study motivation, humanities, emotions of an employee. Sociology is the study of one kind of working environment. Political Science helps to understand the different government policies, which can be helpful for business.

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