Supplements for Trical 1st Year & 2nd Year students

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Electrical engineering is one of the pioneers in modern development. This branch has its origin dated

back to the times when magnetism and electricity were discovered. Today, it provides the 4th

requirement of humans after air, water and food- electricity. It is known as the mother branch of

Electronics, Communication and Computer Science.


• Broad classification of Electrical Engineering-

 1. Power System- It deals with the generation, transmission, distribution of electric

power. Moreover, it deals with stability and fault analysis of electrical lines.

If possible, visit a power plant.

 2. Control and Optimization- It deals with control systems which regulates almost

every machine and process. For example, to regulate a movement of robotic arm,

the design of complete system comes under this subject. This is a subject for you

if you are interested in Mathematics. This subject along with Microcontrollers,

forms the exciting automation subject (which is present in almost every modern

equipment). For further

 3. Power electronics- When electronics is applied for power conversion. This forms

integral part of modern power system. (If you are fascinated by inverter made by

Rancho in 3 idiots, then this is the subject for you)

 4. Machines- A subject of imagination. I don’t think you need description for this


 5. Electrical Circuits- This part will serve as a basis for all the subjects described above.

 6. Microprocessor, Microcontrollers and Embedded System- If you are fond of

electronics and programming, these courses are for you. Almost every appliance

uses embedded system, for its control and operation.


• Things to do in summer –

 1. Visit a motor rewinding workshop. It will give you real insight of windings in

electrical machine. It will definitely serve as a base for subjects like Electrical

Machine 1 & 2. Moreover there is no prior permission required, you can just go

there, give your introduction and ask them to explain you the windings of machine.

 2. Do not ignore MATHEMATICS. There are many subjects in Electrical Engineering

which heavily rely on calculus and linear algebra. If you love to study apart from

your normal curriculum, there are online courses of calculus and linear algebra on


 3. Probably everyone related to engineering has given this advice- Learn C

programming. And I am sure that majority of you have ignored it. I will just say-

If you want to peacefully clear your engineering, sit down in your room, watch

movie- The Social Network, get some motivation for programming, and learn C

programming. I know this is hard, but sometimes we don’t have options.

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