The Conditional And The Constitutional

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Everything in this world is mercurial,even “MY PRECIOUS”,”GOLLUM’S PRECIOUS”,”EVERYONE’S PRECIOUS”.

Everything is generally associated with two types of activities,the conditional and the constitutional.Conditional means an activity that is subjected to requirements being met.Constitutional means an activity relating to someone’s nature.

For example,water is liquid by nature.Hence,liquidity is its constitutional activity.However due to excess cold it becomes ice and freezes others.if heated,it changes to vapour and makes other warm or burns.Both of these are conditional activity.

when a living entity is conditioned,he has two kinds of activities:one is conditional and other is constitutional.As for protecting the body or abiding by the rules of society or state, and many other activities in connection to conditioned life,these are called conditional.Besides these,we understand body as the person and also use terms as ‘my body’,’my mind’,’my intelligence’.Nobody says ‘I am body’, ‘I am mind’…..This means that the speaker ‘I’ is somebody different from body.Across the globe,if the body has conscious principle,it is considered as a person.when the same body loses consciousness,nobody addresses that dead body as a person.Without realising the fact,we accept the constitutional position of all living being.This means we all accept that a living being is called ‘living’ when he possesses that conscious principle known as ‘Atman’.Accepting a Atman is accepting the living being as constitutional position of that living being.In other words,until the atomic soul,energy of the eternally existing,blissful,knowledgeable Supreme Lord,remains in the body,it is identified as a person.By the existence of that principle, ‘I’ remains and by the absence of that principle,’I’ do not remain, that is my nature.


whenever we embrace our conditional state,we move away from our constitutional state,that is reality.


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