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Team CEV has conducted a three-day event where top professors of SVNIT shared their excellent research work with enthusiastic students. Professors have given some time from their precious and hectic time schedule for our event. The main purpose of the event is to give students an insight into various fields of research and help them find their field of interest to work on and also to give knowledge of different professors that can’t be shared in the classroom due to academic schedules.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEKThe event has been inaugurated by Dr.Jignesh N. Sarvaiya, Associate Professor – Electronics departments, who also gave the first talk of the event. The topic of the talk was “Image Processing”. Dr Sarvaiya gave some excellent insight into the whole back story of an Image. And also explained how are images captured and what exactly are pixels. Some insights into the algebra involved behind the processing of an image.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEKThe next talk was given by Dr A. K. Desai, Professor – Applied Mechanics Department. His topic was “Recent Advances in Structural and Geotechnical Technologies”. Dr. Desai showed us the importance of structural engineering in solving the many present problems of traffic in more economic and less inconvenience to the public. Also, the talk covered the contribution of structural engineering in the recent development of buildings, bridges and flyovers and many more.


The final talk of the 1st day was given by Dr Shriniwas Arkatkar, Associate Professor – Civil Engineering Department. The topic of the talk was “A look at transport of the future in developing countries”. The talk basically covered the present transport problems and some possible solutions to these problems in the future. Dr. Arkatkar stressed much on interdisciplinary projects in developing more standard solutions and he strongly believes that these problems can not be solved by any single engineering department.  



The kick start to the 2nd day of Lumieres- Wisdom Week was given by Dr. Chetan Patel, Associate Professor- Chemical Engineering Department. The topic of the talk was “Nanoparticles”. Dr Patel explained the methods of preparation of nanoparticles and also challenges faced in the same. The importance of nanoparticles and how materials behave in the size of nanoparticles varies from its normal known particles and also how the nanoparticles are contributing in different fields of development are discussed.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEK The next talk was given by Dr P.V. Bhale, Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering department. The topic of the talk was ”Renewable Energies and Industries”.  In the recent times of very high rate of depletion of fossil fuels, a high number of researches are being carried out to develop an alternative fuel, most probably from renewable sources with the intention to don’t harm the environment. Dr Bhale explained different potentials of available renewable sources and challenges faced to make it a primary source of energy and economically easy to produce energy from such fuels.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEKThe final talk of the 2nd day was given by Dr Vipul Kheraj, Associate Professor – Applied Physics Department. The topic of the talk is” Light – A Fascinating Probe to the Universe”. Dr Vipul has explained what and how fascinating things can be proved by using light, like short bending of space time graph due to massive celestial bodies. The concept behind G.P.S. The LIGOs which were built to determine the passage of Gravitational waves, LIGO is basically a massive interferometer built in 4km X 4km radius.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEKThe last day of the LUMIERES- Wisdom Week was started by Dr. Jayesh Dhodiya, Associate Professor – Applied Mathematics and Humanities Department.The topic of the talk was “Application of Mathematical Modelling in Engineering Problems “. Dr Dhodiya has excellently explained how to see an engineering problem and how to approach the solution of the problem. The talk gave an idea of the importance of Mathematical Modelling to solve any real-life problems, without which it will be more difficult to find out the best possible solution to the problem.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEK The last talk of the LUMIERES – Wisdom Week was given by Dr A.K. Panchal, Professor- Electrical Engineering Department. The topic of the talk was “Solar Cells and Renewable Energy”. Dr Panchal provided all the statistics regarding usage of fuels and need of renewable energy to come into picture predominantly. Also he explained why it is still difficult to bring renewable energy in large scale, economic factors and efficiency factors and many other factors which play a dominant role in these pictures. The talk also gave an idea about the making of solar cells, materials needed, factors to be considered and many more.

LUMIERES - WISDOM WEEKWith this series of talks, LUMIERES – Wisdom Week 1.0 has been concluded. Team CEV is pretty much sure that everyone got so much to learn from the professors and also got to know the professors.



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